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The Fighters of Foo

The Foo Fighters take off to get ready for the concert. Eugene thinks the whole thing was bullshit, and Ariane says that she's holding her head high because she's proud of what she cooked. Later, Team Sexypants get to attend the concert (where there is...moshing? Really? Still?). Melissa has an '80s dancing problem. She dances like Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club and I don't think it's in an ironic way. Meanwhile, Team Cougar is down in the basement cleaning up sadly. Ariane tries to rally them, but everyone is really quiet. Eugene interviews that he felt like a loser. Richard says that they don't even know why they lost yet, because they haven't faced the judges, so he hopes that they don't throw each other under the bus during judging.

So then we're supposed to believe that the teams watched the concert, drove back to New York, and then went to judging? So even if they made the cheftestants leave the concert early, they wouldn't get back to NYC until at least 3:00 AM or so. And everyone is wearing the same clothes so either they really did do the judging that night, or they made everyone put the same outfits back on. Team Sexypants enters the Stew Room and Team Cougar is not that psyched to see them; it's very much like on Survivor when one team gets a reward and then goes back to camp and is like, "Man, I am sick from all that good food!" Daniel even flips them off, although given the editing, that could have been about something else entirely.

All of Team Cougar reports to Judges' Table. Padma asks if they are surprised to be there, and Jeff says that they are, because he thought they did a good job of dealing with all of the curve balls. Colicchio doesn't want to hear about the curve balls, because the other team had the same conditions. Padma asks if there was a team leader, and Alex admits that it was Jeff. He has nothing but praise for Jeff. Richard piles onto the praise. They agree that the problem wasn't in organization, but in execution. Colicchio notices that Jeff seems pissed off, and Jeff says that he thinks his team gave their all, concluding, "They had a lot of heart, sir." When did this turn into a sports movie from the '80s? Next thing you know, they're going to start singing, "You're the best....around! Nothing's ever gonna keep you down!" while Stefan yells out, "Sweep the leg, Fabio!" Colicchio explains that this was not a blowout, and it was a tough call. Gail tells Ariane that her turkey was perfect. Colicchio tells Jeff that his spoon bread was dry and overcooked. Daniel's potatoes were undercooked and crunchy. Daniel explains that he had to improvise since his roasted potatoes weren't cooking. Colicchio says that they should have dumped the potatoes, but Daniel thinks they were needed to round out the menu.

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