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Howie says they went with fusilli because it had the ridges needed to pick up their sauce. Colicchio asks why their dish was so dry. Howie explains they had problems with a sauté pan and had to switch sauté plans and then admits that when the meal came out as a big block of ice, they realized they did it all wrong. Sara M. admits they only IQF'd halfway -- if I hear IQF ever again I'm going to go AWOL -- and they should have done it all the way. Howie says there was nothing in the Bertolli bag that made it clear how it was done. Rocco disagrees and points out, "There were little chunks of sauce, the vegetables were all separate, the pasta's separate…" Colicchio doesn't think Sara M. did enough to participate. She disagrees and points out all the ways she was nagging Howie to do mirepoix and tomato paste in the stock. Since they seem to be going in that direction, Howie then decides to throw Sara M. under the bus and says he didn't even want to do the stupid fusilli, "It's the most boring pasta in the world to me -- I never woulda went near it. What she contributed was fennel to this dish and saffron, maybe." It sounds like she also contributed fusilli. Howie bellows on, "If you wanna know what? I shut my mouth to be a team player but this has been coming and you wanna know what -- outta everybody that I could have drawn outta the block and been a partner with, this is the last person I wanted to be with." Sara M. says she was trying to keep things civil because Howie is a "little bulldoggish." Colicchio says, "Sometimes it's worth it," but Sara M. felt like she was running up against a brick wall. Brick shithouse, more like. Padma dismisses them.

Padma doesn't know where to begin. Because she's baked. Rocco says both dishes were "depressingly bad." As depressingly bad as the second season of The Restaurant? Gail pans Hung and Joey's dish, but Colicchio comments that at least the tomato sauce was thick and rich and had flavor. Padma points out that Hung and Joey didn't "sell" any of their packets. "They couldn't sell free food, right," Gail agrees. "It's kinda sad." More debate about who was worse.

In Limbo, Sara M. insists she wasn't stabbing Howie in the back, and if it felt that way, she's sorry. Howie's not accepting it and bellows that "every fucking five minutes [she] had shit coming out of her mouth." Sara M. insists it's the way he speaks to people. "The way Ispeak to people?" Howie repeats. Sara M. tells Howie he should have confronted her if he had a problem with her, but Howie says it wouldn't have done any good because the food would have been the same. "No it wouldn't have," CJ says, which prompts Casey to shrill, "Nooooo, it sounds like --" and then CJ picks it up and says, "It sounds like if you never confronted her about something you were mad about --" Howie brushes aside his aggravation with Sara M. and says he still stands behind the dish they made but when Sara M. turned on him in front of the judges, he had his own daggers to throw and he threw them. Honestly, what else was Sara M. supposed to say when Colicchio accuses her of not doing anything? Howie goes on, "I have no problem speaking my mind." "You don't?" CJ says jokingly. "I'm speaking it now, aren't I?" Howie says, refusing to get CJ's joke. "I know, that was my sarcastic --" CJ tries to explain. "You know what? Don't analyze me, please -- I really don't need it," Howie orders. "No, it was a sarcastic comment," CJ explains. "Okay, well, you wanna know what? Just don't. Because I don't need it -- awright?" Howie says finally.

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