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Padma introduces the Elimination Challenge by saying that they will be paired with the person they are standing next to. That means Heather is paired with Beverly, and Heather HATES Beverly. She doesn't respect her as a chef or as a person, and says as much in an interview. Edward is also a little worried about being paired with Ty-Lor, since last time they worked together, they did horribly. Tim Love explains that he's hosting a game dinner at his restaurant, and they will be cooking. He's invited some famous game chefs from around the country, and then they make a big deal about these famous chefs, and then they get like zero screen time for the rest of the episode, so I'm not going to bother dictating who they are. Nyesha and Dakota will be cooking venison, Sarah and Paul have squab, Grayson and Chris Moto have elk, Chris Hollywood and Lindsay have boar, Heather and Beverly have duck, and Ed and Ty have quail. Ed interviews that his restaurant has a game dinner twice a year, so he's psyched. Then Padma drops the bomb: their fellow chefs will be judges too. Sarah thinks that tempers will flare and personal relationships might come into play. The cheftestants will choose the bottom three, and then the judges will decide which TEAM goes home. So it's a double elimination. Yikes! The team that wins will split ten grand.

They run to Whole Foods. Heather and Beverly start shopping and Heather shoots down every single suggestion that Beverly makes without any discussion, and then yells at her across the store to pick up various ingredients, like a servant. Beverly interviews that she doesn't love Heather's bossiness, but she's trying to be a team player. Dakota says that she's cooked a lot of venison but not in a while. Chris Moto explains his idea to Grayson; he's going to soak his yams in salt water overnight, which will make them flexible, and then they can carve them into some sort of lattice work? But will it taste good? Or will they be all briny? Grayson makes him promise that it will work and be awesome, and he promises. Grayson interviews that the crazy stuff isn't her style, but she just has to trust her partner. Everyone checks out (but not before Heather once again calls Beverly like she's a dog) and leaves.

Back in the kitchen, the prep begins. Edward jokes that he was hoping for roadkill or an elephant carcass. Chris Moto and Grayson decide to start with their spice mix and move on from there, and Chris interviews that he's never cooked elk, but he's heard that the temperature is the most important thing. We haven't really seen any sous vide this season yet, have we? Is that not a thing anymore? Paul and Sarah seem to be working well together, as Paul debones the squab and Sarah starts making a mix of meats in order to make sausage.

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