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The judges and guests arrive and are seated, so time is winding down. Beverly is trying to cook the duck for her plate and Heather keeps reaching over and moving the duck around in her pan and micromanaging the duck. Then there's a bit about onions; Heather wants to use them and Beverly doesn't. So Heather says it's part of her "rustic style" so they'll "have to compromise." I don't think she knows what compromise means. It doesn't mean, "You'll do what I say and shut up about it." Heather complains in an interview that Beverly asks a lot of questions, like a sous chef would, and doesn't think like a chef. No, she asks a lot of questions because if she doesn't do things exactly as you say, you will yell at her and throw her under the bus later. Lindsay and Chris find that their boar isn't cooked enough in the center, but they have enough chops that they can just use the ones on the ends for plating. And they barely get everything on the plate in time. Whew!

Chris and Lindsay serve first: peach barbecue sauce on roasted wild boar with kohlrabi slaw and farro fried rice. The judges think they should have skipped the marinade. Tom likes the texture of the slaw, and the sauce as well, but think it's a boring dish overall. Back in the kitchen, the other cheftestants taste it. Sarah the Diplomat says that it's a "fun, elegant way to do barbecue," but Paul points out that they're going to have to nitpick everyone's dish, and his nitpick is that the slaw is a little watery. Lindsay overhears the critique and interviews that it's "gut-wrenching."

Heather and Beverly serve next: Five-spice duck breast with creamy polenta and pickled cherries, as well as a fresh salad. You know, Heather picks on Beverly for always doing Asian, but Heather pickles EVERYTHING. The judges don't love the pickled cherries, and think the duck breast is not rendered enough and a little rubbery. I guess that means they cooked it too fast and at too high of a heat? As you can tell from reading my recaps, I know very little about chefery, but if you want fat to leave a protein, you should cook it slow and low. I wonder if Heather constantly poking at the duck in the pan had anything to do with it. God knows she can't blame Beverly for screwing up the duck, since Heather micromanaged the whole thing. Overall, the judges also find this dish boring. Boring and safe seem to be keywords this season. Somebody needs to try something interesting soon. The other cheftestants note that the duck doesn't have a crispy skin, but when Beverly and Heather come back, Sarah tells them that the duck breast is perfect. You know, she could just not say anything.

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