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Before we move on to the next dish, we see Nyesha and Dakota working on their dish. Nyesha is in charge of a gratin, and she's using a biscuit cutter to plate it, which I thought Whitney should have done last week. Dakota is cooking the venison and knows that it has to be cooked perfectly. So she'll probably totally do that and all will be well, right?

Grayson and Chris are trying to get their food plated. Grayson is not happy with how the sweet potato fries turned out. They're really thick and short. They look like Burger King fries. These two might be in trouble. They bring out their dish to the judges: juniper-roasted elk with sweet potato and bouquet of citrus greens. Padma asks why the sweet potatoes are cut so weird, and Chris says that he was trying to do a technique and it didn't work out, so this was a last-minute decision. Grayson interrupts him to say that it's exactly what they wanted, because they wanted height on the plate. As they walk back to the kitchen, Grayson warns Chris not to point out their mistakes to the judges. The judges love the meat, but the presentation is awful. Grayson tells Chris that they're probably going home, so don't say anything to the other cheftestants about their screw-ups and maybe they can stay out of the bottom three. Chris interviews that he knows he messed up the sweet potatoes, but he cooked the meat perfectly. Wait, if he cooked the potatoes and the meat, what in the hell did Grayson do? Anyway, Heather tells Grayson that the elk was cooked perfectly.

Sarah is worried about her sausage. Ty is also really concerned about cooking his squab, because game meat doesn't have a lot of fat, and it can dry out quickly. Then one of the judges tells a story about catching and eating alligators. And the judges must be indulging in that tequila, because they think that story is HILARIOUS. Meanwhile, Dakota is noticing that her venison isn't cooking for some reason, maybe because people are opening the ovens too much. She tries to brainstorm a way to get the venison cooked, and Nyesha just says, "Go for it." Nyesha interviews that Dakota is really insecure so she's just trying to give her confidence. Which is fine, and what a good partner should do, but Nyesha should also make sure that meat is cooked, or they're in big trouble.

Ed and Ty-Lor: sorghum quail with pickled cherries and eggplant. The judges love that the quail shines and is the center of the plate, and that the chefs brought out "the earthy qualities of the ingredients." We don't get to see what their fellow cheftestants thought. They kind of dropped that conceit halfway through.

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