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Sarah is still worried about her sausages, and decides that they're no good, so she ditches her first batch and makes a whole new batch at the last minute. This gets Paul worried.

Meanwhile, Dakota and Nyesha are plating and the venison is... not cooked. It's almost blue in the center and dark red all the way to the edges. Dakota asks Nyesha if she thinks the venison is too rare and Nyesha's like, "What can we do at this point?" Nyesha interviews that all Dakota had to do was cook the venison properly, and it didn't happen, and that shouldn't happen at this level. Time is up and they serve roasted rack of venison with kabocha squash and beet gratin. The judges all like the dish, but note that the venison is way too rare. Tom specifically compliments the gratin. The cheftestants in back also note the rareness of the meat.

Sarah and Paul struggle to get their food plated and finish in the last split second. Sarah is really worried that something she screwed up would make Paul go home, and she would be devastated. They serve squab breast and sausage with pickled nectarines with shallots and jalapeno. The judges like all the flavors together, but wanted more caramelization of the skin and think the presentation was a little sloppy. When they return to the kitchen, Sarah starts crying because the sausage didn't come out as she had hoped. Then she gets upset that she's crying, which makes her cry more. Been there. Beverly totally lets her off the hook and says that it's okay to cry (of course Beverly says that because she cries all the time) and that everyone is stressed and they all handle stress differently.

Padma returns to the kitchen and asks to see Ed and Ty, so everyone knows that they won. I guess they can't bring anyone else back in because they have to let the cheftestants decide the bottom three teams. Ty is psyched to make it back up to the top, since he's been in the bottom quite a bit lately. Ed is happy that he didn't make an ass of himself in front of these famous chefs. Padma tells them that they will have fifteen minutes to decide, as a group, who are the bottom three teams.

So then they waste like the first two minutes just sitting around staring at one another and moping. I think they should count to three and then yell out who they think should go. That would be hilarious. The weird interstitial features the cheftestants talking about the judging process. Someone suggests that they make "them" decide (the judges, Ed and Ty-Lor, who knows?) and Grayson says that they'll just vote. Heather says that Grayson won't vote for herself and Grayson says, "Neither will you!" Good point, Grayson and thankfully someone finally stood up to Heather the Bully. Ty-Lor makes it even more hard to like him when he reminds us that he and Heather are BFF and he doesn't want to see her go. If he was really her BFF, he would tell her to take it down like seven notches.

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