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Tom says that none of these three dishes were bad. He tells Dakota and Nyesha that they had great components, but their meat was way undercooked. Dakota says that they just ran out of time somehow. Padma asks Nyesha if she ever thought to check in on Dakota, and Nyesha says that by the time she did, it was too late. Dakota gets emotional and says she can't believe that this happened, because she's cooked this meat many times. Hugh cheers her up by saying that the flavors worked really well, but it's just that the meat was too rare.

Moving on to Grayson and Chris. He learned his lesson and says that they played it safe with the juniper, like that was the problem with the dish. Hugh says that the meat was cooked well, but the sweet potatoes were just ridiculous. Chris admits that maybe he shouldn't have put them on the plate. Tom thinks that he just wanted to make that chain link fence thing, and didn't care about whether it fit with the dish, but Chris says that he did think the flavors went well together.

Tom moves on and asks Beverly why they're there. Before Beverly can get two words out, Heather interrupts and says it was difficult to balance two chefs on one plate. Tim says that the duck leg was good, but the breast needed to render longer. Beverly acknowledges that the skin wasn't crispy, but she thought the duck was tender. Tom's problem was that it didn't seem like a dish so much as a collection of ingredients. Heather has to bring up that she and Beverly have not, throughout the competition, seen eye-to-eye. Heather brings up the work ethic issue again and the last competition, where she feels Beverly took too long to prep the shrimp. Beverly gets choked up and says that she thinks her work ethic is strong, and that she had a huge task, and while Heather helped her in the end, she didn't ask for help. Heather snots, "No, your teammate did." Ba-gong.

Dakota speaks up and says that she doesn't like how this is going, and that Beverly is a strong, hard-working chef. Nyesha nods vigorously. Dakota adds that people don't see eye-to-eye sometimes, but you still have to work together. Yeah, Heather. Sit down and shut it. Tom tries to bring the focus back to today's dish, and Heather says that Beverly doesn't have confidence in herself. Bev says that her version of teamwork is asking questions and communicating together, and that she stands by the dish. Man, Heather came off as a real asshole. There was no reason for her to bring up the last challenge. It had nothing to do with their dish today and the judges seriously don't give a shit what happens in the kitchen, personality-wise, so if she thought she was winning points there, she's dead wrong.

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