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Sheldon made pan-roasted halibut with tomato sauce, sesame bok choy, and pickled radish. Tom thinks the halibut is nicely cooked but the sauce is salty. The drivers kind of like everything, and why wouldn't they? They've been eating crap for months.

Tom is ready to announce the results. He thought Brooke put together a nice dish, with the highlight being the croutons. Tom liked Josh's breakfast, but the eggs weren't mixed well before being scrambled. Sheldon had a good dish too, but his sauce was one-note. So obviously, Brooke is the winner since Tom had no critiques of her dish. Brooke interviews that winning the Quickfire and conquering her fears is a great feeling.

Padma tells the cheftestants that she has another surprise for them as they head for the helicopter. I thought Padma was going to pilot the helicopter herself for a minute. Be honest - would you be that shocked if she did? But she doesn't. She does drive the cheftestants to their surprise, which is that Emeril and LA chef Roy Choi are cooking them lunch. Roy and Brooke know one another, but he promises he won't show her any favoritism. It is a little odd to me that Brooke knows so many of these high falutin' LA chefs.

The cheftestants plus Padma sit at the table and wait for Emeril and Roy to serve them lunch. In the kitchen, Roy tells Emeril about how he tries to get the spirits of his ancestors into the rice and wow, he is hippy dippy. The food is served and the three cheftestants are in awe of the food that is being served. As they eat, Roy talks about how he was in a bad place in his life and he saw Emeril on television and it inspired him to become a chef. Emeril clearly didn't know this before, and he's touched. Emeril shares how he started as a dishwasher in a bakery and they taught him to bake.

Once everyone has shared, Padma explains the Elimination Challenge: make a dish that represents the moment that you knew you wanted to be a chef. Brooke laughs that she was like four years old, because she'd wanted to be a chef her whole life. Padma also announces that they'll be serving dinner to the governor of Alaska and his wife at their mansion.

Josh gets the call that his wife is going into labor and is headed to the hospital, and he starts crying because he's missing it. He tells the others and Sheldon offers to help him with breathing exercises, but Josh informs him that it could be hours or even days. Brooke asks if he wants to go home and he says no and they laugh. Even if he wanted to go home, he probably wouldn't get there in time. I mean, they are in Alaska.

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