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Sheldon interviews that he wanted to become a chef when he watched Sam Choi, the king of Hawaiian cuisine, on television. Josh wanted to become a chef the first time he ate foie gras, so he's making a torchon, which is usually a two to three day process. He's doing it in four hours. This seems like a mistake.

Tom comes into the kitchen and talks to Sheldon about how people seem to always start cooking fish too early. Sheldon takes that advice to heart. Tom talks to Brooke about her inspiration, and she says that her mother inspired her to become a chef, because she cooked them dinner every night. That said, she's not exactly sure what her dish is going to be.

Josh tells a tale about how he was trying to make weight as a high school wrestler, and he was riding a stationary bike in a sauna and reading Food and Wine and read about foie gras. I can't believe more wrestlers don't die while trying to make weight. I remember kids in my high school wrapping themselves in Saran wrap and garbage bags under sweatsuits and going for runs. Anyway, Josh had foie gras when working for one of Tom's protégés, and Tom realizes that Josh probably ate his recipe. Josh is like, "Oh, shit. I'm making Tom's recipe for Tom." Tom is dubious that Josh can get his dish done in the allotted time.

After finishing prep, the cheftestants go back to their living space and try to relax. They all talk about the stress and the pressure. Josh hopes that his wife gives birth tonight so that he can go into service tomorrow knowing that his wife and baby are okay. Brooke says that she was in labor for days. Late that night, Josh gets a call from his wife who is sobbing through her contractions. That's rough. I don't know why they can't just stay on the phone the whole time or Skype him in or something. At some point in the early dawn hours, Josh does get to do a video call with his wife and meet his new baby girl, Georgia. He explains that she's named after his father, George. His wife says that birth wasn't so bad, so maybe they can have another one. She's going to want to wait on that decision until the drugs wear off and she goes through the first three months with a newborn.

The next morning, the others get up and Josh shares his good news. They quickly head to the Governor's Mansion. Sheldon interviews that he thinks Brooke is the one to beat because she's won the most challenges. Brooke interviews that this is the most nervous she's been so far. Sheldon talks about how he doesn't want to cook his fish until the last minute, as per Tom's suggestion.

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