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Tom, Padma, Emeril, Wolfgang, Roy Choi, and Gail join the governor and his wife to eat. They talk about how bald eagles are everywhere in Alaska, and Padma explains the point of the challenge. Meanwhile, Sheldon is plating and cooking his fish at the last minute, as promised. Turns out, he let his sauce reduce too much and it's overly salty. So fix it! Throw some more broth in there or coconut milk or whatever the fuck you're using for your liquid. I guess he's just going to serve it like that? I don't know.

Sheldon serves first, and he made pan-roasted rockfish, spot prawns, baby vegetables, and dashi. He explains that he saw Sam Choi making this dish and it inspired him to become a chef. Wolfgang likes the smell and how the spot prawns are cooked. Tom agrees that the prawns and also the fish are perfect. Roy thinks the conception of the dish is amazing, but it's a little too salty. Gail thinks it's a shame because Sheldon never overseasons, but Tom says that one mistake will make the difference between staying and going home at this point.

Brooke made braised chicken, grilled quail with carrot barley and pickled vegetables. She explains that she was influenced by her mother's home cooking. No one says much and Tom comments that the food must be good, because everyone's eating. Roy likes all the layers of flavors. Wolfgang says his only criticism is that his quail was slightly overcooked. Tom thinks Brooke was successful in evoking home cooking, but elevated. Roy says that Brooke was known as a prodigy in LA. I feel like Brooke is too established as a chef to even be on this show. Where is the line between up and coming chef and master?

Josh tries to prepare his torchon, and it's too soft so he has to put it in the freezer for a minute. He serves foie gras three ways: torchon, pan-seared, and profiterole. Roy eats his quickly and says that the flavors were good on all three. Gail likes the profiterole the best, but thinks the torchon wasn't set. Tom appreciates that Josh is pushing himself, but he may have gone too far since Tom feels it's impossible to make a torchon in one day. Wolfgang liked the pan-seared version, and Emeril really liked the corn puree. Sounds like everything but the torchon went over well. Will it be enough?

Josh, Sheldon, and Brooke return to face the judges and Padma reminds them that only two of them will be moving on to the finale. Tom says he enjoyed hearing their stories and eating their food. Padma was surprised to get foie gras from him, which is true; it's not really his food. I get wanting to show that you have other sides but is this the time to do it? Tom gives Josh shit for trying to shortcut the torchon, and says that it's literally impossible to do. Gail says that the torchon fell apart but she loved the apricot, and Emeril compliments the cornbread. Wolfgang tells Brooke that her quail was overcooked, and Roy says that it was complex. Tom thinks Brooke somehow made all the elements work together. Wolfgang wonders how Sheldon screwed up the broth when the fish was perfect, and Sheldon says he knew it was too salty while he was plating. Wolfgang adds that the fish and the prawn were the work of a great chef and it was like the broth came from someone else.

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