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Padma concludes that today's winner was a unanimous decision, and that winner is Brooke. So she's going on to the finale. I love that Brooke's first reaction is "Holy crap." That would be mine also.

Padma reminds Josh and Sheldon that only one of them will be going to the finale and then excuses them so that the judges can ruminate on their decision. Tom says that Sheldon overseasoned a dish, and Josh worked with an ingredient that he doesn't seem to understand. Gail talks about how great they both are. Wolfgang thinks Josh should have made something he knows he can do, and Roy agrees that Josh was trying to impress them and lost sight of what he was doing. Emeril thinks that Josh took on too much. Padma is frustrated that Sheldon screwed up the broth, and Wolfgang is even more upset that he didn't taste it until plating, because it could have been fixed.

Josh and Sheldon return to the judges' table to face the music. Tom says that they're both small town boys who are trying to make it, and they've come a long way. Josh made foie gras three ways and should have stopped at one. Sheldon served up salty broth. Tom adds that it was a tough decision before Padma tells Josh to pack his knives and go. Josh grew on me a LITTLE bit as the season went on, but I still don't think he was the best chef. I mean, name one dish that he made that was incredibly impressive and not just breakfast or elevated home cooking? He's got some refining to do before he gets to the level of Brooke or even Sheldon, who may not be super creative but he knows his cuisine and he rocks it.

Anyway, next week is the finale, and Brooke and Sheldon will be joined by the winner of Last Chance Kitchen at some future point in Los Angeles.

If you don't want to know who won Last Chance Kitchen, stop reading now.

Kristen goes up against Josh and also the winner of the Save a Chef contest, Lizzie, in a challenge to just cook a great plate of food. Josh cooks (or undercooks) venison and Tom sends him home. That leaves Kristen's pasta dish that she created on the fly against Lizzie's black cod with cabbage and spaetzle. Tom doesn't announce the winner; we have to wait until the finale to find out who won.

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