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The night is over, and Team Feast toasts each other with cocktails. Mia props Elia's leadership up to us. Elia tells us, "Teamwork in the competition is the hardest thing because at the end of the day you get judged. I'm the leader they chose and I don't want to go home." Why do all of the scenes of Elia doing the interview-confessional look like a commercial for Soul-Glo?

Judges' Table. Clone-icchio thinks it looks like Team Feast had five thousand dollars to spend compared to Team Famine. Ted Allen points out that Team Feast also kept their table full of food the whole evening and Team Famine didn't. However, Clone-icchio -- another chef mispronouncing mascarpone yet again -- thinks that Team Famine's scallops and their strawberry dish was the best of all the dishes from either team. Colicchio agrees that Team Feast's food wasn't so great, particularly the "lousy" shrimp. Ted Allen adds that there wasn't anything on Team Feast's table that you wouldn't find at any decently catered event.

Team Feast follows Padmadala back to the Judges' Table where they are told they are the winners. Is that an actual smile we see on Son of Sam's face? He must have hit upon a recipe for all those leftover ears he's been collecting in the walk-in. You know how chefs like to use every part of the animal. The judges reconfirm that Son of Sam was the team leader. Marcel interjects, "But I'd like to say something, like, I didn't need, like, a whole lot of leadership although he was, like, the designated leader for our team." He's been hanging around Michael way too much. You know, Marcel, you wonder why people hate you? It's for shit like this. Why not let Son of Sam have his moment? You guys didn't lose, so you weren't in any danger of being knife'd. I mean, unless Marcel saw the box of knives on the table and foresaw that the winner would get to take that home, I don't really get what he was hoping to gain from this. Ted Allen comments, "It sounds like you kind of want to assert that you definitely made a solid contribution or is there something else you are trying to say?" Ted Ilan and Betty laugh that it's just the way Marcel talks. "He's a skosh arrogant," Ted Ilan adds. Marcel mutters over them that he just did his own thing. Clone-icchio names Son of Sam the winner and hands over a twenty-piece set of Global knives. Son of Sam's all, "Sweet! It was getting harder and harder to get the bone marrow out of my other set!" Ted Ilan, not wanting to be next on Son of Sam's menu, claps harder and louder than anyone at the announced win. As Marcel rolls his eyes, Son of Sam tells us, "I'm stoked. I've never won anything in my life, and Marcel was totally trying to steal my thunder. The kid should've just shut the hell up and enjoyed that we won and that he wasn't going home, but he couldn't do that." Team Feast leaves.

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