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The top four return to the Stew Room and announce that Angelo is the winner, and then Angelo sends back Stephen, John, Jacqueline and Tim, who interviews that he thought maybe Angelo was joking. Ooh, it doesn't bode well when Tim isn't even sure why he's in the bottom four. The judges start by asking Stephen why he cut his meat so thinly that it couldn't help but be overcooked. Stephen says he had intended it to be cooked on the outside but medium rare on the inside, and obviously it didn't work. Ripert adds that his meat looked like chicken nuggets. Ouch. Gail questions why Jacqueline would try to make her dish low-fat, when it was chicken liver. Jacqueline says that she's never made the dish without her recipe, but she's served it hundreds of times. Tom asks why she needs a recipe if she's served it hundreds of times. Jacqueline starts talking about the seasoning and Tom interrupts, "That's not what I asked." This ain't the bush league, girlfriend. Answer the question! Jacqueline says she doesn't have the recipe memorized, so either she's lying or she's dumb, because come on. Tom looks disgusted and kind of perplexed.

Tom tells John that his dish didn't have enough maple and the pastry was soggy. John says he bought the pastry pre-prepared, but he thought of the pastry as "an instrument to bring the mousse to your mouth." And yet by weight, it was like two-thirds of the plate. So that was a bad decision. Gail points out that the pastry was a big part of what they tasted and John says he was being stupid. Honest, but not a great defense. They move on to Tim, who thinks his dish was awesome. Ripert points out that the skin on the fish was tough, and he should have removed it. Tom rubs it in, saying that Tim is the only one who was a captain and lost, since all of the other captains won. Tim says that he let himself down, although he never says what was wrong. Maybe he was just in a strong group.

The bottom four return to the Stew Room so that the judges can deliberate. Gail wonders why John chose that dish, if he didn't know how to make the pastry. Ripert adds that the cream was grainy and thin and Tom calls it "amateurish." They move on to discuss Stephen, and Tom thinks that he got caught up in the story of it (he had a long explanation about Ohio and the Buckeyes that I didn't bother explaining because snore) and forgot about the cooking of it. Ripert wonders why Jacqueline thought her dish needed to be diet, and Gail adds that what she thought was the selling point of her dish (lowfat) was its downfall. Then they talk about Tim's fish, and Ripert mentions the skin thing again. I guess that's all he did wrong, though, so he's probably safe.

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