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Angelo made roasted wing and thigh, curried onion jam, and potato noodles. I'm not so sure about the chilled onion jam, but there's not a ton of it, so I guess it would be okay. The potato noodles sound good, though. Padma is wearing this vest that shows off her postpartum bosom nicely. I'm sure most straight guys and lesbians noticed that like twenty minutes ago.

Kevin made a boneless chicken wing with hot and sour broth, tomatoes, fennel, potato, and mushroom. These dishes are so tiny that I can't believe there's enough for both Tom and Padma to bite into.

Tim made garlic roasted chicken with a potato galette and oyster mushrooms. I had to look up what a galette is and this kind of doesn't look like the definition I found, but I'll take Tim's word for it. He has cherries in his dish too. At least there's some food on his plate.

Kenny made a duo of chicken with Moroccan spice, potato puree, and onion confit. This seems like more cooking than anyone else did; I guess the speed comes in handy there.

Tom delivers the bad news first: Tim used too much cream in his dish (that's what she said? I don't know) and Kevin's broth was too salty (that's what... I'm sorry. I will stop now). So either Angelo or Kenny is the winner. Ken-ny! Ken-ny! Tom liked how Kenny featured the roasted potato and liked his flavors, and he thought Angelo's chicken was well-cooked. And the winner is...NOOOOO! Angelo! In an interview, Angelo says that he wants to be the first cheftestant to win every single challenge. Oh, come on. If that happened, I would quit the show. Because that just means that everyone else sucks. Kenny says he doesn't care, because he doesn't see Angelo as a threat. Good.

Elimination Challenge. Create a dish that represents your hometown. Kelly is fired up because she cooks regional Colorado cuisine all of the time. What does that even mean? She cooks bison? And... mountains? And Boulder hippies? So then it gets complicated: the cheftestants will be divided into four groups, and one person from each group will be up for the win while one will be up for elimination. As the Quickfire finalists, Angelo, Kenny, Kevin, and Tim get to be team captains. Does it really matter who gets chosen in what order? Obviously, you want the worst people on your team so that you can win easily, but these guys really don't know anything about each other. I mean, maybe I would pick Amanda, who cut her hand open, but other than that, does ability to peel a potato quickly necessarily translate to good cook? And the choosing order ends up having nothing to do with who succeeded in the Quickfire, so who the hell knows?

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