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Pros and Conch

So what did Lorena think? She liked the idea behinds the pasta dish, and thought the spices were used well. She admits that the ladies made a cold dish, which might have been easier in some ways, but they also had more components to the plating, which added complexity. So who's the winner? Lorena based her decision on consistency and flavor, so she awards the win to Antonia and Tiffany. It is so worth it, just to see Blais and Mike so pissed at losing to GIRLS. You know that was running through their heads. And I'm sure they came up with a million excuses why Lorena did not recognize their brilliance, especially since every interview comments we've seen so far has been about how the men's dish was far superior in both flavor and complexity. Antonia interviews that Mike and Blais were "sour grapes, salty losers." Good. Mike's reaction is, "Whatever." Tiffany reiterates again how great it would be for a female chef to win the season. So that will probably happen, because they've talked about it a TON.

Once the winners of Quickfire are announced, Padma slides right into the Elimination Challenge. The Commodore of the Nassau Yacht Club has invited them to a celebratory dinner for the club's 80th anniversary. The party's theme is "Deserted Island" (Dessert-ed Island? That would have been a good challenge) and the party will take place on an island. Lorena explains that they need to use conch as an ingredient. Mike laughs because he totally practiced cooking with conch before coming out.

The cheftestants go home and discuss the challenge. Blais and Mike are hanging in the bathroom talking about it. Blais says he's been prepping at home: he has twenty pounds of conch in his freezer, he's been baking bread, and he grew a beard. Well, he's practically Rocky. Did he chase chickens? And jog up stairs while wearing a gray sweatsuit? Mike wonders how many people they'll be feeding and what equipment they'll have. He points out that if they don't have equipment, everyone will just do ceviche. Mike brags about how he's dominating. Bleh. Tiffany is proud that she's made if further than she did in her first season. Wow, I wonder if she'll make it even further?

The cheftestants arrive at a marina, where Padma waits for them, wearing a bikini and a sarong. What, you don't just hang out in a marina wearing a bikini and a sarong? Like on the daily? She explains that Captain Andy (who Mike calls Sammy Hagar's twin, which isn't far off, though I would have gone with fat Sammy Hagar who wasn't presumably abducted by aliens) will be taking them to the deserted island. Their time starts when their feet hit the beach.

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