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More food! Lizzie and Micah's skater was Jalapeno Business, so they made crab stuffed jalapeno with avocado cream, onion, and pepper relish. Hugh says it's better than he thought and Tom says it's really good. The pepper is crispy with good flavor. Jalapeno (the skater, not the food) likes that they took a party favorite and "elevated it with the crab and the avocado crema." Ooh, someone's a fan of the show. Also, that elevating part is key.

The judges move on to Stefan and Kristen's booth. They had Eddie Shredder, and made corn puree, chicken liver, and sunny-side up egg. Emeril thinks the corn pudding is delicious and the liver is cooked perfectly, but his egg was a little overdone. I'm shocked that they were able to cook that many eggs even close to the right amount on site. I can barely cook two eggs how I like them on my own stove. Tom thought they missed an opportunity to add some shredded chicken, although he doesn't explain what it would add to the dish other than whimsy.

And finally, Josh and Sheldon had Tempura Tantrum and they made tempura yuzu curd with dollops of shiso, Fresno chili, sweet potato, and vanilla. Josh advises the judges to drag the skewer of tempura dessert through all the sauces to make a "temper tantrum" in their mouths. Well, at least he tried to fit the theme. Emeril loves the concept, but the tempura wasn't fried enough. Hugh agrees that the sauces were great. Emeril diagnoses the problem; they were working with a small fryer and kept having to bring it back up to temperature after each batch, which is difficult.

Emeril announces that some of the teams could have been bolder, while some executed perfectly, so now they want to talk to the teams and find out who did what, both for winning and losing purposes.

As the cheftestants hang out in the Stew Room, Padma enters and asks to see John, Brooke, Micah, and Lizzie. Once they're facing the judges, Padma tells them that they are the top two teams. Tom compliments them on their great, bold flavors. Emeril tells John and Brooke that everything was cooked perfectly, and that Micah and Lizzie managed to ensure that the jalapeno didn't overpower the crab, so both flavors came through. Hugh announces that the winning team is Brooke and John. John is psyched to have won, but he can't just be happy, so he has to add that he wishes he had won alone.

Back in the Stew Room, the others ruminate on why those teams were chosen, and Josh bitches about how Micah and Lizzie basically made a jalapeno popper, crab be damned. Someone's bitter! John walks back in and says, "Third time's the charm." Dude, no one but you has been keeping track of how many times you've been on top or bottom or whatever. Everyone just stares at him until finally Stefan says, "You won?" and then they clap half-heartedly while John acts like they're giving him a standing ovation. Anyway, he has to send in the losers: Josie, Bart, Sheldon and Josh. So Stefan and Kristen are the only ones who didn't get sent back on top or bottom.

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