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Once the losers are out there, Padma tells them that they served the worst dishes of the party. Ouch. Don't sugar coat it, Padma. Tom says that Sheldon and Josh had a good concept with one major flaw, while Josie and Bart's dish was all over the place. Bart volunteers that he made the rice, the beef, and the beets. So what did Josie do? Oh, she did the teriyaki marinades. Wow, way to contribute.

Josie doesn't want to say that she thought Bart's rice sucked, but she does admit that she knew the texture was off. She was hoping that the flavorful beets would compensate for underseasoned rice. Tom gets really mad because apparently he reminds the cheftestants ALL THE TIME that combining flavor with bland just equals bland. I do not remember him ever bringing this up before, but he's REALLY mad about it. Tom then basically says, "Bart, your food is always boring but Josie, didn't you taste it and tell him his food was boring?" Josie says she did tell him to season it more, but admits that she didn't taste it again after he reseasoned. Bart says he thought Josie agreed that the seasoning was good, but Hugh confirms it was like beet syrup over boring porridge. Ouch.

Moving on to Sheldon and Josh, Josh thought they were creative and bold. Tom asks if they know why they're there, and Josh says it must have been the tempura, and Sheldon knows that the tempura wasn't cooked well. Josh comes up with dumb reasons why it happened, and I don't know why they don't just say, "It was a small fryer, and we should have allowed more time for the oil to get back up to temperature. We didn't, and the tempura wasn't fried in hot enough oil, and that's out fault." I think the judges would respect that. Josh then has to ask why the jalapeno poppers got a pass, and Tom says that they elevated it through ingredients and technique. Has that ever worked, ever? I mean, it's not like the dish in question was also on the bottom two. It was on the top. What does Josh hope to accomplish by bringing that up? Padma says that jalapeno dish had some risky parts too, but their risks paid off and Sheldon and Josh's didn't. Tom concludes, "The main part of your dish was a disaster."

Then there's a dumb filler segment where each cheftestant says how they don't want to go home. Wow, that's interesting.

Time to announce who's going home. Tom says that Sheldon and Josh screwed up the tempura, which was the main part of their dish. Josie abdicated responsibility for a big part of her dish, which is terrible teamwork, and Bart made bland food. So which of those is the worst sin? Please let it be Josie. Please let it be Josie. Oh, it's Bart. Boo. I mean, I have very little impression of him so I don't really care. In his exit interview, Bart says that Josie puts on "the Josie show" for the judges. I don't think the judges fall for that, and I think Bart could have stood behind his dish more. Or made a dish he was proud enough to stand behind.

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