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Some Telemundians sit, eat, and love their food, while Colicchio gets some grilled poblano and braised chicken and a corn tortilla stuffed with fire-roasted corn and jalapeno from Dale. Gail arrives at Sara M.'s station to pick up a plate of vegetarian chiles rellenos with a black bean sauce and a roasted vegetable sauce. Sara M. also made fresh queso blanco to go with her dish. We get shots of an entire table telling Gail how incredible Sara M.'s chiles rellanos is. In fact, they can't seem to say enough good things about it and the whole table applauds. Yet, she will not be at Judges' Table? Stupid. Noncommittally, Colicchio eats. However, when the subject of Howie's dish comes up, Colicchio pushes, "Love Howie's! Anybody else like the braised pork?" Yes, they did. Someone asks how the Arroz con Pollo went over. Not well at all. "The rice just wasn't very…" someone says. "The rice was dry," someone else finishes, decidedly. Pack up your bags, Hung. One Telemundian even goes so far as to say, "He killed the Arroz con Pollo for me -- he killed it." Of course, she's an actress, so drama is her thing. Another says they need to bring Hung there for some lessons. DAMN!

Joey From New York's dish is loved, but they wish they had a tortilla or a tostada for scooping. Someone asks a table what their least favorite dish was and they say Sara N.'s ceviche because it was just guacamole and they couldn't really detect the seafood. Padmahontas really didn't like Lia's trout, and Colicchio agrees that it was bland, but he wonders, "I don't know if it is bland next to all the spicy food -- it's the only dish without spice on it." A Telemundian agrees that their taste buds might have been blown out by all the other dishes. Another Telemundian forcefully declares that she doesn't like Lia's polenta with it, but thinks the rest of the dish is good. The Telemundian on the other side of Colicchio gestures to a plate and says, "And this was? Casey?" She makes a disgusted noise in the back of her throat. Padmahontes thinks Casey's sauce has too much coffee in it. Colicchio tells the table about the time shift the cheftestants were dealing with. "Some in an hour and a half have done wonders," insists a mouthy Telemundian who has just had a lot to say today.

Now it's time for the Dame Chocolate commercial. Colicchio confirms they are all on the same show and then asks, slightly covering his mouth, which totally cracked me up, "Now, who's the bitch?" There's simply something not right about hearing Colicchio say "bitch." I can't quite put my finger on it, but it's like he's trying to be edgy and just can't quite carry it off. Furthermore, he knows he can't because he's all reluctant and awkward about it. I feel the same way about those ladle-spanking promos with Padma, which, I just realized, have embarrassing sound effects. Gail sort of corrects Colicchio asking, "Yeah, who's the villain?" "Who's the villain?" Colicchio repeats, realizing this is a more PC way to go. The polenta-hating, trout-liking woman raises her hand, owning up to her villainhood. Colicchio and Padmahontas make surprised noises. Gail amps up the commercial, "Now, I want to know, who's sleeping with who? I want to know ALL the details!" "You gotta watch the show," the Bitch-Villain says. Boy, that was just shameless! The cheftestants receive their applause from all and sundry, and Joey tells us that he doesn't think anyone can beat his dish at this point. Casey -- in her dropped-jaw voice -- tells us, "I do not feel as though I'm going to win this competition -- they loved the salsa, but I had a funny feeling it was not going to look good for me."

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