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'Cuz She's Lia-ving On A Jet Plane

With the four losers standing in front of them again, Colicchio sums up all their failures, and then Padmahontas tells Lia to pack up her knives. Lia nods and thanks them. Casey heaves a big sad sigh, preparing herself to let loose with an onslaught of histrionics. Casey again leads the way to the back and before Lia even clears the doorway, Casey is saying sobberingly, "The very talented and inspiring chef Lia will be going home!" Oh my God -- make it more about you, why don't you? I mean, when you see someone sobbing, what is your reaction going to be? If you're nice, it's going to be to hug the crying person, not the dry-eyed one, so the reaction would be to comfort Casey, not Lia. Furthermore, given that Lia was not really crying at this point, she's probably feeling that maybe she needs to console Casey even though SHE IS THE ONE BEING SENT HOME! Sure enough, Lia grabs Casey in a hug and pats her back, as the rest gather around. Lia tells us she's both sad and embarrassed to be leaving so early because she knows she's a better cook than that. In the background, Sara M. holds hands over her mouth in shock. Hugs all around and applause and Casey is wiping more tears and Lia hugs her again and last and leaves. Lia tells us she's not going to stop cooking, she loves food and feeding people. "It's fun," she says

Next time: Oh my stars -- what have they done to Rocco DiSpirito? His hair is horribly highlighted, yes, but that's not the problem. There's something wrong with his face. It doesn't look like his. It's like when Mark Hamill got in that car accident and he came back with his face completely rearranged. It does not look natural and you gotta ask yourself, "Has failure spoiled Rocco DiSpirito?"

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