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Sara M. made a braised rabbit and chard stew and wrapped prosciutto around the rabbit tenderloin. She adds that she did a "vegetable cigar but it has the innards in there." Two things that should never be on a menu together, "cigar" and "innards." There's a reason why chefs give them names like "sweetbreads" or "tripe." Even "offal" is better than "innards." I think the vegetable cigar is rolled up pie crust, stuffed with vegetables and "innards." Finally, Sara M. made a goat cheese, feta, and fig tart. Chef Frumkin likes the combo of the rabbit and spices.

Moving on to Lia, the judges sample an artichoke-chorizo tart -- for which something was cooked down in Sauternes -- that is topped with a fennel, pear, and aged Gruyère salad with piquillo pepper vinaigrette. She has slices of undescribed pork tenderloin as well. Chef Frumkin mumbles -- but we got subtitles! -- that she's not crazy about it and draws in her mouth tightly. Chef Frumkin's face looks like it's been dehydrated by a dehydrating maniac, you know what I'm saying?

Finally, we get to Dale who is very excited about his "Summer Picnic." He took some spinach, seasoned it with pastis, and added it to fennel, onion, pistachio, seared salmon, and pear, all of which was rolled in the thawed pie crust dough and sliced, sort of like a roulade. Chewing around her mouthful, Chef Frumkin makes a Jerry Blank face. It's not a good look. For her or for Dale. Then, for dessert, Dale has a strawberry, pear, and saffron tart with whipped vanilla goat cheese. Ew, goat cheese and vanilla? That's right up there with chocolate cheese for me. Putting it lightly, Chef Frumkin judges it as "kind of overwhelming."

Chef Frumkin's final decree is that she didn't like Lia's -- the artichoke and pear didn't marry or even live together well -- Dale's -- the saffron was overwhelming -- and finally, predictably, Hung. Hung laughs in denial and then looks back at Chef Frumkin with an amused and disbelieving sneer. Hung, don't make me get my FISHOOK! Chef Frumkin believes Hung had enough time to get his glop right. For the good, she liked Tre's simple and elegant dessert, she thought Sara M.'s cheese tart was exceptional, and finally she thought Joey's trio was very, very nice. "You have a future in tarts," Chef Frumkin says, giving a bit of a horsy geek laugh, and then names Joey the winner.

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