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Night falls and passes and suddenly we are in Tre's armpit. It's hairy and it's deep and we are RIGHTINTHERE! The Evil Dr. Mathra glimpsed the Pit of Despair and thought Tre had a chick in bed with him. (Aw, dammit -- why couldn't I have thought to call our favorite almost head-shaver the "Cliffs of Insanity" last year? Always slow on the uptake.) We have a Beside Chat with Hung, who tells us he's going to use his facility with the Spanish language to win him Cool Points with the cast, "And my food's going to taste good." But is it going look good, or is it going to be runny?

Oh, god it's a Brian. He's slightly louder and he's got his grunge knit had on, so I think that makes him "Bryan." (O'Brian wears the straw pork pie hat and speaks with an Irish accent.) "We're gonna go cook LATIN food for LATIN Americans," he informs us. I've decided that it's not particularly fair to ding Brian for doing too much seafood because each dish was probably done by a separate personality. "Bryan" goes on, "Coming from San Diego, but by way of the Northwest, my Latin flavors are not explosive." This particular Brian sings some of his words -- that explosive came out as "ex-PLOH-siive" and then sort of trailed off into nothingess. I think we caught him during a Brian changeover.

In the kitchens, everyone gets ready to cook. Sara M. notes that they are more relaxed because they have more time and people aren't running around like crazy. Can you smell the DUN! ? Because it's almost ready. Howie is another cheftestant they have telling us about taking your time and being careful and smelling roses. The DUN! has arrived with Colicchio on platter. Too early for a Sniff 'n' Sneer, Colicchio calls everyone to attention and tells them, "We just got a phone call from Dame Chocolate and they pushed up their luncheon, so you guys have about an hour and a half to be ready and to get out of here, okay?" Everyone boggles. "Sorry about that," Colicchio tosses back as he walks out, totally not sorry at all. "Oh, my GOSH!" O'Brian tells us, grabbing his head. He's the Brians' worrywort. Casey tells us that her immediate reaction is, "Holy shit." You gotta love how Bravo's bleeps work. You totally get the "shh" and you get the "tttt," so it's almost not worth the bleep. Hung proceeds to dash back and forth across the kitchen at intervals. Casey tells us, "Now that we have less time, there's more stress. The kitchen, it's dangerous -- people are running around there. [We get a cut of Casey herself running around.] There are hot pans around and it's not a good situation." Casey goes on, "People are losing all sense of what's right and wrong in this situation." We cut Howie swearing and examining either something that he dropped or something with his burners. "People have different ways of handling pressure," Tre tells us calmly, "I'm not going to knock anybody's method as long as it gets the job done for them." Good on you, Tre! Hold on tight to that feeling and you'll be golden. In fact, pretend it's your Valium and someone's trying to take it away from you.

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