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Gone Fishing

Padma asks Leah if she knew what mistakes she made. Leah explains that the heat from the fish melted her butter-miso combination, and she didn't know how to fix it. Ripert explains that they dilute the miso with lemon and then dilute it with broth so that it becomes like a thick sauce. Colicchio thinks this was a failure in Leah's powers of observation. Toby says that he barely had any miso and Leah explains that she didn't want the miso to overpower the dish, so she was sparing with it. I'm kind of extrapolating here since she babbles on without making sense, but she did say that same thing during service, so it's not like I drew it out of thin air. Toby says that, as a result of his lack of miso, he just had "this dull lump of fish" on his plate and he claims that it's still stuck in his teeth. Could someone get him a toothpick? Colicchio asks Leah about when she gave up in the Quickfire, and if that means she's burned out. Leah says that it absolutely doesn't, because she wants to be there, and she really regrets her actions. She concludes that she tried her best at Ripert's dish. Colicchio has a look on his face like, "If that's your best, you're in trouble."

Padma asks Jamie if she's surprised to be there. Jamie knows that her braised celery was oversalted, so she's not surprised. Ripert agrees, and Jamie explains what happened with the reduction concentrating the salt. Padma says that she would have sent it back if she could, because "it wasn't appetizing to look at or to eat." Whew! Don't hold back, Padma. Toby says that the sauce had a metallic aftertaste, and it made the whole dish "completely toxic." Jamie says that she didn't love the original dish (she's a little nicer about it, but not much) but she thought she did a good job deciphering the flavors of the sauce. Colicchio realizes that she did understand the dish, and Jamie says that she knew her mistakes, but only after it was too late to fix them.

Padma thanks them and sends them back to the Stew Room. Jamie and Leah argue over who's going home, and Jamie reminds her that the judges hated her dish. Back at Judges' Table, Padma says that this was a really difficult challenge, but all three of the losers "made critical mistakes." Colicchio reviews Hosea's mistakes: he should have seared the fish before spicing, and he should have let the fish rest before slicing. Hey, that kind of rhymes! Toby points out that Hosea got the sauce right, and it was difficult. Backstage, Hosea says that he may be a seafood chef, but he's never cooked that particular dish before. Next up, Ripert says that Leah misunderstood the dish. Colicchio adds that it was obvious there was no fat in the dish, and yet Leah added butter, which shows she's not paying attention. Colicchio thinks that Leah's head isn't in the game anymore, clearly referring to her quitting the Quickfire. They keep cutting to shots of Toby looking serious but he doesn't actually say anything, and his facial expression is killing me, it's so goofy. He looks like a bulldog. It really looks like Leah is going home at this point.

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