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Finally, Padma brings up Jamie's too salty celery. Toby points out that Jamie understood what she did wrong, and Colicchio asks if it's worse that Jamie knew her mistake and how to fix it, or Leah didn't even understand the dish. See? They faked me out here. I really thought it was going to be Leah. Plus, Colicchio loves Jamie. Ripert thinks they are both major mistakes. Backstage, Leah and Jamie are still playing, "The Judges Hated My Dish More."

The judges call the bottom three back in now that they are in agreement. Colicchio tells them that this experience should change how they approach food for their entire career, but they each made mistakes. Hosea didn't spend enough time observing the fish, Leah misunderstood the concept of the dish entirely, and Jamie oversalted her celery. Padma tells Jamie to pack her knives and go. I really hate the idea that they are only judged on each challenge, because Leah has been making mistakes all along and Jamie is usually pretty good. It's obvious that she just had an off night, cooking food that's not her strength, and yet she's going home. I really wanted to see her in the finals up against Stefan. If Leah makes it to the finals, there will be hell to pay. HELL TO PAY! I have a bully pulpit, and I'm going to use it. I'm sure the producers are quaking in their boots. Anyway, Jamie is all gracious to the judges and says in her exit interview that she's grown a lot as a chef and a person. She thinks she's learned patience as well as to have more confidence in herself as a chef. I never really thought confidence was Jamie's problem, but whatever. I enjoyed having her on the show, and I will miss her. Not as much as I would have missed Fabio or Carla, but I sure wish Leah had gone home this week.

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