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Gone Fishing

Leah is first to be judged, and she goes all pouty and puppy-dog eyes as she says that she got nervous and gave up. SHE GAVE UP! That is horseshit. She should be told to pack her knives immediately. Leah interviews that she mentally shut down and "was just over it." Guess what I'm over? I'll give you a hint. It starts with a Le and it ends with an ah. Ripert doesn't even know what to say. Hosea interviews that you can't give up, and she gave Ripert a terrible first impression. He adds (in my mind only) that he can't believe he ever found her attractive. Stefan is up next, and Ripert points out that he left some flesh on the bone, and also some bones in the flesh. Stefan acts like he could not care less about it, and says that he's happy with how he did, which is almost as much of a turnoff as Carla's self-deprecation. Ripert moves on to Fabio, and points out that he cut too much off when he cut the head, and left a bunch of meat there. Ripert cuts the extra flesh from the head and points out that it's almost an entire steak lost. Hosea is the star of this round; his filet has no bones and it's very precise, according to Ripert. Now it's up to Ripert to announce who won't be moving on. Leah is the obvious choice, and he throws Fabio on the pile for wasting so much flesh. Hosea throws Stefan a mocking kiss, and Stefan doubles down on it, adding a wink.

Round Three. Hosea and Stefan have to filet a freshwater eel. Stefan looks psyched and Hosea looks terrified. As if eel weren't creepy enough, these have been recently killed and apparently eel follow the Monty Python school of injury, as they're not quite dead yet. They're still wriggling around on the table, making cutting them a challenge to say the least. Hosea interviews that they don't have eel in Colorado, so he's stymied, and meanwhile Stefan has been cleaning eel since he was knee high to a wiener schnitzel. Time starts and Hosea begins trying to peel the skin from the eel, but the problem is, how do you get a good grip on the eel so that you can pull the skin off with the other hand? It's sort of like trying to get clothes on a toddler, or at least one that has recently fallen in a vat of baby oil. Slippery and uncooperative. Stefan busts out a hammer and nails the eel's head to a wooden cutting board, then slips off the skin with no problems. Hosea sees this and follows suit, though he admits that he wishes he had thought of it on his own. All of the eliminated cheftestants are watching the cringing the whole way. Hosea interviews that Stefan quickly had two perfect eel fillets, but Hosea knew he couldn't give up (Leah!), so he soldiered on. They both finish in time, with two filets complete.

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