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Moving on to Team Orange, Sam admits he was the team captain. Colicchio goes off on the texture of the turkey balls. "No, turkey was not the correct choice," Cliff says. Sam admits that he came up with the idea to use grapes in the smoothie and that they did strain it after tasting how sour it was. Goin asks why they didn't think to stir in some yogurt to help the sourness. Sam tells her they weren't allowed to do anything to the recipes after the nutritionist signed off on them. Which, Sam adds, brings up an interesting point. He mentions that people seemed to be running around with olive oil squirt bottles, squirting unmeasured amounts of oil in places. Goin leaps on this and demands, "Are you saying people cheated?" Sam says, "I'm not saying people cheated, I'm saying maybe they had it accounted for, but during the cooking process today, you know, I saw people with, like, squeeze bottles of olive oil, walking around, like, squirting it to coat this or that." Colicchio smiles a tight, disbelieving smile, and shakes his head slightly. Whatever, dude, Sam rarely talks at all, so I think it speaks volumes that he's actually coming forward with this. He's never shown himself to be an instigator or a whiner. "WHO?" Gail demands. Sam won't name names. Goin points out that a tablespoon of olive oil has one hundred-twenty calories. Sam also brings up that things that weren't working yesterday were suddenly working today. Gail wants more explanation, but Sam says he's not "that guy" and he's not going to go there. "I'll go there!" Mia announces, and explains about Betty's miraculous cookies. She says that the nutritionist-approved recipe that didn't work the day before used Splenda, and today, Mia believes, the cookies used all sugar and eliminated the Splenda. Padmadala stretches her neck forward in reaction to this. Gail tells the cheftestants that, either way, they have to make a decision about who is going home (NOT!) and they cheftestants are sent away. In the back, Carlos tells the other cheftestants, "We got grilled!"

Judges' Table. Colicchio sneers that they've got so much going on because they've got Sam up there "in the eleventh hour," starting to point fingers at other people. He doesn't know what to do. The other judges are silent until the commercial break.

After the commercials, Colicchio still doesn't know what to do. He doesn't feel there's a clear-cut loser. Gail says, "At this point, there are errors, and they aren't showing us who made those errors." Colicchio blathers, "If you're playing by the rules and you see someone that you think is breaking the rules, I think it's your responsibility to say, 'Hey, that doesn't seem right over there.'" Sure, didn't we all learn from Lycheegate? Actually, I still don't really know what we learned in Lycheegate, but I'm sure there's a hole in Colicchio's argument. Gail interrupts that they don't even have proof of anything since Sam won't name names. But Mia did. Forget the nebulous oil squirting, I think the bigger and more concrete issue is the illegal changing of a recipe after it was approved by the nutritionist. Goin admits she wouldn't feel good sending anyone home. I think they need to potentially take the win away from Team Black since their cookies didn't bake by the rules. The judges keep saying how hard their decision is. Colicchio decides to talk to the cheftestants himself.

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