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In the back, Colicchio alludes to accusations of extra olive oil and sugar use. At the mention of sugar, St. Betty theatrically cocks her head all, "Hmm, sugar? Who did that?" Colicchio says they all have to play by the rules. St. Betty innocently asks if he feels people cheated on their ingredients. Colicchio confirms it was brought up at the Judges' Table. Sam leans forward and explains his concern about the olive oil. Marcel immediately starts blathering something unintelligible about none of them even knowing what they talked to their nutritionists about. Someone yells at Marcel that they aren't talking about him. "No one accused you, but if you're getting all defensive, maybe you want to tell Chef something now," Sam suggests loudly. Marcel shrugs that Sam doesn't even know what he's talking about, so he's going to get defensive. Carlos decides to ask Betty directly if she followed the exact recipe she followed yesterday. Theatrical soap opera pause. St. Betty explains, "I put two additional tablespoons in." Colicchio makes a face like he swallowed a bug. And not a No Reservations bug. "But," she continues, "the portions were a lot smaller, and that was where I figured it was compensated, plus we had an additional sixty calories in our five-hundred-calorie compensation, and I thought that was the guideline we needed to stay within." Colicchio responds, "But once the recipes were locked in yesterday, you were not supposed to deviate today at all." "I misunderstood that," St. Betty says, as though that were an end to the matter. Colicchio asks if she was the only one who misunderstood that. "It was not something that was done maliciously, I thought that I could still add it and still be within the five-hundred-calorie range," St. Betty explains. Colicchio believes she misunderstood that, however, other people knew what the rules were. "I know!" Betty sobs, "But I didn't and it wasn't something I did to, like, fuck anybody up." Shut up, Crying Betty. Carlos wants to know how Team Black could have changed it and still verify the five hundred calorie limit. I just want to point out that two tablespoons of sugar equals ninety-six calories. I don't know how that would've broken down for them per serving, but I just want it documented. I'm sure most of you already looked it up. Marcel answers Carlos with some guff about it all depending on what your education was and what your nutritionist told you. Colicchio decrees that no one will be going home that night, and then we get a voice-over of Colicchio saying that they're going to be watching everyone really closely from here on out and they should consider themselves on probation. Okay, Principal Vernon. The cheftestants pick up pillows and, in Elia's case, a yoga mat, and leave. Just how long were they down there?

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