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Cheaters Seem to Prosper

Loft. Soft-hearted Elia tells us that because Betty admitted the sugar adding, she believes Betty wasn't trying to cheat. For some reason, Josie feels the need to make a speech. "First of all, I know that our team played by the rules, so I know that whatever was said tonight was not directed at our team. Number two, I'm going to also say that, you know, when we're out there on the fucking chopping block and we throw each other off the bus [I thought the prevailing action was under the bus], don't come holding my hand afterwards, all right?" I'm not really sure what she's getting all pissed off about, since, as she already said, she knows it's not about her team, so there was no bus-throwing or hand-holding forced on her. Carlos tries to tell her that it's not about her, it's about the competition. Poor Cliff chugs a bottle of Pepto. Why is he frequently wearing scrubs? Mia says that nobody who wasn't in the room with the judges can say what happened, "And there was no throwing anybody under the bus." Except you throwing Betty, right? Marisa pretty much says this exact same thing and admits to being shocked at Mia's hypocrisy. Betty keeps whining that she didn't realize she was doing anything wrong. Ted Ilan steps in and pollyannas that as no one went home, they should all be ecstatic. In the kitchen, Josie goes on loudly, "If there's a question of anybody else who didn't play by the rules on the team that won, then we should've fucking won, all right? And you heard it right here." Betty is seen to be stalking out with her pillow.

Next week: they create a dish using an ingredient. Seriously, that was the preview.

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