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Tears of Joy

Sarah explains that she's going to make a soup because she thinks she can work whatever she finds into the dish. Ed doesn't know what to do because all of the meat is sealed in cryovac bags, so you can't touch or smell it to figure out what it is. That doesn't seem quite fair. Bev and Paul have an intimate moment in the corner where he narrowly avoids dropping shit on her head. Sarah and Lindsay find all of their ingredients and start cooking first.

Bev, Paul, and Ed are all at one refrigerator. Something in Beverly's basket has come uncapped and is just pouring all over the floor. The remaining three remove their blindfolds and start to cook with about twenty minutes left. Bev admits that she ended up with an avocado that she didn't mean to grab. What did she think it was? An avocado has a pretty distinctive feel, right? Tom asks Paul if he's going to take the car if he wins, and Paul claims that he will, because he didn't come on the show to be safe. Don't be a dummy, Paul. Tom moves on and asks Ed if he ended up with any ingredients he didn't really want, and Ed admits that he took pork casings, thinking they were pancetta. Tom and Padma find this hilarious. Ed thinks he's screwed. He knows he wants to make udon noodles, but how will he use the pork casings? They're kind of inedible.

Lindsay grabbed marscapone instead of crème fraiche, which isn't quite as bad as Ed's error. Sarah is making a soup with both mushrooms and peaches and I'm not a big mushroom fan or a peach fan so I can't imagine that will taste good. Beverly hasn't even started cooking her fish yet and there are only five minutes left. Ed realizes that he can't serve pork casings, but he can use the broth he cooked them in as the broth for his noodles. He really wants the car. Because Ed is a manly man, and he won't take immunity!

Time to serve! Beverly's up first, and she made striped bass with avocado, lime, and jalapeno. Hey, something not Asian from Beverly! It's a miracle! Tom and Padma both note that the fish is uncooked. Yeah, she probably should have left more than five minutes. Paul made sautéed prawn with Thai-style tomato salad. Tom asks if he thinks the prawn are undercooked, and Paul says they're right where he likes them. So Tom thinks they are undercooked, right? Otherwise, why would he ask that question?

Ed serves "udon" with ribbons of zucchini, mushrooms, and scallion. He's pleased that he found a way to use the pork casings that didn't involve serving them. Sarah made corn soup with onion, red chili, roasted mushrooms, and peaches. That sounds weird and feels like the tenth corn soup that Sarah has made this season. And she's harping on Beverly for constantly cooking Asian food? Padma asks if she's ever done this combination before, and Sarah admits that she hasn't. Linday made fish with bulgur wheat, marscapone, and broccoli rabe. Just fish? They aren't going to tell us what kind of fish? That's weird.

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