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Tears of Joy

After a quick car commercial, the cheftestants arrive at the grocery store. Beverly starts sprinting around with her shopping cart, bumping into things and apologizing. She's such a weirdo. Ed is looking for oysters, but they don't have any fresh. Instead of reworking his dish (which is the right option), he finds smoked oysters in a plastic tub. He claims they're in a can, but they're not; he finds them in the refrigerated section with the prosciutto and other cured meats, along with things like feta cheese and pickled herring in glass jars. You know that part of the grocery store. I'm just saying, they're not canned. But they're also not fresh.

Beverly plans to do a wok dish, which is risky in terms of timing. Stir fries have to be made at the last minute, and you don't get a do-over. But she thinks it best reflects her cooking style, so she's going to give it a go. Lindsay, like Ed, is having trouble finding some of the components of her dish, like calamari or octopus. But instead of using inferior ingredients, she's rethinking the dish slightly. Meanwhile, Sarah and Mentor Tony are eating lunch in a restaurant and drinking tequila. Wow, thanks for the Sarah update. I was totally concerned about what she was doing, and where she was.

Ed claims he'll be really pissed if he gets eliminated and Beverly takes his spot. Ed needs to work on his story; either he's so awesome that he didn't need immunity, or he's so worried about his skills that he might lose to Beverly. I know he's just answering questions that some PA asks, but it seems inconsistent. Lindsay is worried about the number of components in her dish, and also that Michelle will fire her if she does badly. Somehow I think that's not going to happen. Michelle has been on and around this show long enough to know that everyone has bad days.

Very little cooking is shown in this episode. I feel like we went right from planning the dish to there being three minutes left. Ed is running out of time, and says that he's trying to make the oyster crème perfect. Lindsay is making chicken stock but doesn't have time to let it cook for as long as it probably should, so she packs her stock with all of the vegetables inside it to let it sit overnight. That's actually a good idea; strain it tomorrow. I like how Paul is quietly helpful to Beverly, like when he helps her chase down an onion that is flying across the floor. He doesn't make a big deal out of it, but he also doesn't ostracize her like the others.

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