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Tears of Joy

That night, Beverly is happy to be back in the house. She sets up all her photos in her room, and then she joins the others for dinner. She keeps asking probing questions like, "Did you guys know someone was coming back? Were you surprised it was me?" She doesn't really want honest answers to those questions, so why ask them? Is she hoping that some of them had personality transplants while she was gone? Lindsay interviews that she's not a huge fan of Beverly, but now she just hopes to beat her. That seems like a healthy attitude; treat her as any other competitor. Ed the asshole says that they were all pissed when Beverly came back because they thought they were the final four. Honest, but not really necessary to say.

The next morning, Paul calls his girlfriend which makes me nervous that he's going to be eliminated today. Then they all pack up and head to the Hotel Valencia for their final hour of prep. Beverly reiterates how nervous she is about wok cooking for a crowd, since it will all come down to the last ten minutes. Paul says that his food is all cooked and prepped, and today is all about assembly, since he's making a chilled soup that will be poured over vegetables. Lindsay is working on her seafood broth. Ed is frying up some pork belly skin to use as a garnish, and the oil pops and hits him in the face. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has that problem. He just wants to make the final four, since it's been such a long journey.

The judges and mentors arrive for their meal and Padma says that it's the last meal in Texas. Where are they going? Or maybe they're killing everyone off and starting over with four new finalists. That would be the most interesting thing that's happened on this fairly boring season. They should do a challenge that's like, "You're on Death Row, and you have to cook what you would want for your last meal" and then kill them all off "accidentally". Maybe I'm being too cruel. Anyway, Beverly's mentor talks and everyone pretends to listen but really they're thinking, "Who are you again? Do you work at a shop selling unicorn candles and pewter dragon statues?"

Beverly races to finish, and she admits that her dish doesn't look great, but she thinks the judges will be impressed by how she cooked it and how good it tastes. Her dish is Gulf shrimp and BBQ pork with Singapore noodles. Hugh Acheson (remember him?) seriously can't wait to dig in. Beverly hasn't even walked away from the table and he's shoving a giant shrimp in his mouth. Calm down, Hugh! Slow your roll! You've got a lot of food to eat. Bev's mentor says blah blah blah (like she's going to say anything bad) and Tom is impressed that she cooked in a wok for that many people. Yeah, but she didn't have to, so I don't feel like she should get extra points for it.

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