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Tears of Joy

Michelle Bernstein talks about how nervous she is for Lindsay and she just wants her to be happy. Tom comments that it sounds like she's breaking up with Lindsay. Ha, Tom. He's got jokes. And then he laughs way too hard at his own joke. Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, Lindsay is regretting emulsifying her sauce with cream, and isn't sure if her dish will get her through to the next round. Lindsay serves seafood "stew" over toasted couscous and broth with emulsified cream. It's got a lot of different types of seafood in it, and Michelle thinks it was all cooked perfectly, but she doesn't know what's up with the cream. Another diner thinks there was a raw thyme flavor at the end that was unpleasant. Uh oh.

Paul's mentor talks about how Paul was such a fast learner and so driven to succeed. Back in the kitchen, Paul is trying to refrain from adding more to his dish just for the heck of it, since he has the discipline to know when his dish is finished. Paul serves chilled sunchoke and dashi soup with summer vegetables. Michelle Bernstein notes that when she ate her first spoonful, she thought it was too salty, but Hugh adds that when you eat it with the vegetables, it's perfect. Paul's mentor is super pleased with the dish because it's exactly what he taught Paul: balance. Tom notes that it's very different from what Paul has served most of the season, but still great.

Edward's mentor says that Edward was really green when they first started working together, but he's shown determination and drive, and he made it onto the show. Edward serves braised pork belly and smoked oyster crèma with pickled vegetables. Gail thinks the plate is packed with a lot of flavor. Tom isn't a huge fan of the oyster sauce, but everyone else loves the pickles.

Padma thinks it was a wonderful meal, and Tom says that they made tiny mistakes, probably due to nerves. The cheftestants come out to applause and get to hug their mentors goodbye.

Weird interstitial. In the Stew Room, everyone teases Edward about not crying when the mentors showed up, since everyone else did. Edward admits that he was emotional but he doesn't cry. He's a man! Whatever, dude.

Sarah returns to the Stew Room to hang out with the other cheftestants while they wait. Edward talks about how he can't believe they were doing the Last Chef Standing thing the whole time the rest of them were competing. Padma comes in and asks to see everyone at Judges' Table, except Sarah.

Tom tells them that the judges and mentors were all impressed with the food. Padma asks Paul if it was nerve-wracking, and Paul says that it was a lot of pressure to make sure he didn't make his mentor look bad. Tom thinks it took balls to cook a soup, which is pretty simple, but Paul showed a lot of restraint and the expertise of someone much more experienced. Gail says every bite showed great flavor. So Paul's the winner? Tom asks how Beverly made stir fry for eight people. Bev says she used two woks, and Tom agrees that it was really risky, and Gail says that noodles can be really greasy and soggy in a wok, but her flavors were totally clear. Padma announces that Paul and Beverly made the two best dishes, so they are through to the finals. They hug in celebration. But who wins the car? Paul, of course. He'll need it to carry home his cash. Paul thanks the judges and says that this is the type of challenge that led him to want to do the show. Padma hands over the keys to the car, and Beverly has to whine about how she was at the bottom and now she's not and it's awesome. Padma's like, "Stop talking now, Beverly. See ya."

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