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Tears of Joy

Once Paul and Beverly get back, Sarah wants to know what the judges said about Ed and Lindsay, but Paul tells her that they didn't talk about their food at all yet. So it's time for that! Hugh tells them to be proud of their food and how far they've made it. Gail says that Lindsay's dish had a great aroma and a beautiful balance of seafood, but wonders why she added the cream. Lindsay says that she thought it needed fat, not realizing that she was adding brown butter to the fish, which would have accomplished that. Hugh adds that the dried herb flavors permeated the dish in a bad way, and Tom says that the dried herbs were a mistake. Gail was impressed that Lindsay took the dish on and adds that Michelle was proud. Lindsay starts crying and says she feels like an idiot and then they do that weird "beg for your life" thing they've been doing lately that I hate.

Moving on to Ed. Gail says that his dish was great but there was something off about the oyster sauce. Hugh asks if they were canned oysters and Ed says that they were smoked and canned, because there were no fresh oysters to be found. Everyone at Judges' Table is like, "Oooooooh, that's why they tasted like crap." Hugh thinks the plate was a little busy, but there was a great dish in there somewhere. Gail says that his mentor was proud, and Edward thinks the competition has opened a lot of ideas for him, and it's been a great learning experience. But only one of them can move on. Well, Lindsay cried so obviously she wants it more. As they walk back to the Stew Room, Edward whispers that he's the one going home. Once back there, Lindsay is still crying and trying really hard to pull it together while Edward is chuckling over the whole thing.

Tom thinks that Beverly earned her spot. Padma recaps that Sarah, Paul, and Beverly are moving on, so they have to decide if Ed or Lindsay will join them. Gail thinks their dishes showed how much they've grown and where they are now, but they both overthought their dishes and did too much. Tom makes the point that they've all moved on from where they were when cooking with their mentors, and perhaps they tried to go back to that former place and it screwed them up. That seems like a stretch, but Tom seems like he speaks from experience.

Hugh thinks that Lindsay had a vision on what she wanted to do, but she had a number of missteps. Tom points out that she knew what was wrong with the dish, but Gail counters that she did know, and she didn't do anything to try to fix it before bringing the dish out. In Lindsay's defense, she says that she figured it out as she was walking out for service, so it's not like she could do anything at that point. She would have had to remove the cream somehow, or take out the dried spices. Really, the only way to fix it was to start over and she didn't have time.

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