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Tears of Joy

Gail thinks that Ed should have just not served his terrible oyster sauce. Hugh thinks Ed is great but he has a busy mind. Tom can't believe that Ed took canned oysters as a substitute for fresh instead of reworking the dish, since there was no law saying he had to cook oysters. Hugh thinks he should have done what great chefs do - see what's great at the market and work from there. Or at the very least, make a substitution. I mean, the oysters weren't even the main part of the dish. They were just in the sauce, and there were a lot of other ways to get a smoky sauce without oysters.

Ed and Lindsay come back out and Tom doesn't give his usual speech about why each person failed. Instead, Padma just tells Ed to pack his knives and go. Ed immediately tells Lindsay that she deserves it and thanks the judges for the opportunity. Well, at least he had a classy exit. Lindsay is excited to make it to the finals, even if she wishes she could have done better for Michelle Bernstein. They walk back into the Stew Room and everyone hugs Ed. He leaves, and the final four cheftestants toast him. And next week, they're going to British Columbia and it's going to be really cold and they'll be doing that skiing/shooting event from the Olympics? Interesting, I guess.

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