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salty mess of a sauce. He should have fixed it or even not served it. Back in the Stew Room, Tre, Casey, and Dale L. discuss whether or not Jen put a target on her back with her diatribe. Tre and Dale think she did, but Casey points out that the judges won't take it personally.

They finally get around to talking about Jen's food. Gail thinks there's a huge disconnect between what Jen claimed her dish was, and what Gail actually ate. Good point. Katie didn't like the lack of texture, which was soft and soft with more soft on top. Tom hated the bland eggs. They discuss Jamie's role, and how Jen said she had nothing to do with the failed dish. Padma points out that it must hurt a little bit to hear that Jamie had no impact. I think as long as Jamie stays, she won't give a shit. Back in the Stew Room, Jamie says that she feels like she let her team down. No one disagrees. The judges have made a decision, finally.

They call Team T Rex back out to hear the results. Tom tells them that they know this was a difficult challenge, but this is All Stars, so get used to it. Then he excuses Tiffani and Dale, because their dish was the best. Then he addresses the remaining pairs. Tiffany and Antonia had unevenly cooked eggs, and they should be better chefs than that. Jamie and Jen (really, just Jen)'s dish had texture problems, and the garnish was underseasoned. Tom tells Jen, "I admire that you're up here vigorously defending your dish. However, it's not going to make the dish better." Oh, snap! Then he moves on to tell Casey that her salmon was good, but Tre's sauce was over-reduced. So who goes home?

Okay, I don't know who everyone else thought was going to go, but Padma sends Jen home. Jen immediately breaks into a laugh, which I think is a cover for a sob. Antonia and Tiffany both exclaim out loud something to the effect of, "Holy shit!" Everyone rushes over and hugs Jen. She has enough presence of mind to shake the judges' hands. In her exit interview, she says that her dish was awesome and maybe she was too strong and vocal at Judges' Table, but she doesn't know why she's going home. They told her why. The texture was off on the bacon and the eggs were underseasoned. It's not like it was a secret ballot. But she thought her dish was awesome, even though we saw multiple diners and judges (and Casey) talk about why it wasn't so great.

Jen goes back in the Stew Room and says goodbye, and even does a little curtsy. The other cheftestants seem stunned. Jen interviews that her dad said that second place is always first loser, and she wonders what he'll say about second to last. Who cares? Tell him to eff off, Jen. You're a good chef who had a bad day maybe due to lack of sleep or too much caffeine or something. Shake it off. She adds that she was robbed and she should have made it to the finals. Okay, let's not get crazy. I thought she would go far too, but obviously her dish was just bad. Tom and Gail both said in their blogs that it was easily the worst dish, and it was pretty obvious that either she or Jamie were going home even before Judges' Table. And once Jen said that Jamie had no effect on anything, Jen had to go. Done and done.

So then Marcel opens the door to let Jen out, and she must think she's off microphone, because she lets loose with this torrent of curse words about how it 's bullshit and her dish wasn't close to being on the bottom. They try to edit it like the other cheftestants heard, but I don't know that they did. Regardless, I feel bad for her because she was obviously barely holding it together on camera and then she finally let go and they still recorded it. The other cheftestants agree that Jen fought but it didn't work and it proves that the judges aren't playing around. Jen's final words are that the judges got it wrong. Well, without actually tasting the food, it's hard to say if that's true or not. But I don't think they took the decision lightly, for what that's worth. Bye, Jen. Sadly, Jamie is not my favorite anymore, so I've just got Tiffani and Carla left. Don't disappoint me, ladies.

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