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This Pudding is Bananas

Tom points out that the other team had two bad dishes: Amanda's chicken and Jacqueline's pudding. Gail has a huge hate-on for the chicken, from the fact that it used sherry, to the fact that it was poorly prepared. Tom goes so far as to call it "a turd on the table." Man, I didn't know they hated it that much! They didn't mention that when tasting it. Sam thinks the amount of sugar in Jacqueline's dish was "unconscionable." I think I have a crush on Sam and his big White House brains. Gail points out that at least it had fresh strawberry, but Sam thinks you couldn't taste it over the sugar.

The judges discuss who the winner should be. They loved what Kelly and her team did. Kelly made her own taco shells out of oats to make them healthier (and probably tastier and cheaper as well). The salad was great, and they had a dessert that included a vegetable for crying out loud. Tom says that they seemed to just have more food on the plate than the other teams. They think that the team with Alex et al had healthy, good food as well, and they used yogurt in place of mayo in the slaw and also in place of whipped cream to great effect.

Padma calls in Team Drama to crown a winner. They tell Arnold that his corn salad was delicious, and then just heap praise on the tacos, which the kids apparently loved. Sam is impressed with Tiffany's desert, and Tom liked the texture. And finally, they thought that Lynne went the extra yard to make her bean cake fun and vibrant with the sweet potato confetti on top. But the winner is...Kelly. She's really happy. Well, at least Angelo didn't win. And I guess the argument against sabotage would be that he claimed he wanted to win every challenge. Although, may I point out again, celery and peanut butter. Did he really think that would win?

Now the potential losers are called back: Kenny, Ed, Amanda, and Jacqueline. Tom thinks Kenny could have been more assertive and he let the team down, and Ed did the same. Amanda's chicken wasn't appealing and kids wouldn't eat it. Jacqueline's pudding was "loaded with sugar, it was also grainy" and not very healthy. Finally, Padma tells Jacqueline to pack her knives and go. She regrets not fighting more for budget. Goodbye, Low Rent Kate Hudson!

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