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The cheftestants are split up into teams of four, and each chef needs to be responsible for one item on the menu. Angelo and Tracey, as Quickfire winners, get to choose another pair, and they pick Kenny and Ed. This is totally devious, because Angelo knows that if they lose, Kenny has a 50% chance of going home due to the immunity. At first, I thought they were just trying to create a dream team, but given what happens later, I think Angelo had a plan all along. Everyone else breaks up into teams of four and menu planning begins.

Tracey suggests taking what kids like, burgers, and making it healthy. Angelo suggests celery and peanut butter, and Tracey quickly points out that celery is a vegetable. Is it though? I mean, hardly. It's mostly water. No one likes celery, other than as a means to get dip to your mouth, right? It's not like people go, "Wow, I could really go for a celery stalk right now." Unfortunately, Kenny and Ed don't protest that much.

Team Two is Amanda, Tamesha, Jacqueline, and Stephen. This team looks like trouble from the jump. Amanda wants to braise chicken thighs in sherry and not one person even raises an eyebrow, like "Sherry? Isn't that alcoholic? Even if most of it cooks off, does that seem like the best idea? And also, isn't alcohol kind of expensive and we don't have much money?" At least not that we see. Tamesha wants to make gnocchi, but Amanda is dead set against it, claiming that it's too easy to screw up and it won't look good. Easy there, Sherry. Jacqueline wants to make a chocolate-banana pudding that will be "surprisingly low-sugar." Does anyone think that's a good idea after her lowfat pate last week? Jacqueline interviews that her parents had a nasty divorce when she was in high school so she took over caring for her younger sister to keep her out of foster care. And then she's all smiley, maybe to cover up that she's crying, but it's weirdly incongruous. Also, she is totally Kate Hudson in Raising Helen.

Team Three is Alex, Tim, Kevin, and Andrea. We don't hear much of their planning other than that they're going to make mac and cheese and Kevin wants to make a dessert with melon. Good enough.

Team Four is Tiffany, Lynne, Kelly, and Arnold. Kelly is weirdly insistent about making tacos, because kids love them. She's not wrong, but she's really argumentative about it. Kelly is all about putting feta cheese and pickled onions in the tacos, and her teammates are kind of like, "Hmmm. Maybe not so much." Tiffany interviews that Kelly likes to take charge in a bad way. Tiffany thinks they all need to be in agreement about the food and Kelly's like, "Yeah, definitely." She's obviously not picking up on the fact that they're not all in agreement, although Tiffany should probably be less polite and just say, "I don't agree with this" if that's the case.

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