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The kids arrive and start eating, and then the judges come in. The first step is the team of Andrea, Alex, Tim, and Kevin. Andrea explains that she and Alex made the coleslaw with yogurt instead of mayonnaise to make it healthier. They also used apple cider for the BBQ chicken, and they removed the skin and roasted it. Tim made mac and cheese with skim milk, low-fat cheese, and a whole-wheat crust. That must taste like ass. I'm sorry. There are some substitutions that just don't work in this world. Kevin made a fresh melon kebab with whipped yogurt that looks really delish but must have been a bitch to skewer all fifty plus of those little kebabs. The judges love the slaw and the chicken, as well as the kebab. Tom says that the mac and cheese is the weak link, but Padma thinks they did great overall, and everyone agrees.

Next up are Angelo, Tracey, Kenny, and Ed. Tracey made a chicken burger with fiesta rice. Now they obviously used the rice as a filler, but given that and chicken's low-fat nature, that must be one dry-ass burger. Seems like they could have put something in to make it more moist. Applesauce? Yogurt? And it's served with iceburg lettuce on a white roll, thus missing two more opportunities to make it healthier, although I'm sure price played a role there. Angelo made the aforementioned celery with peanut butter, served on a tuile, which looks kind of like a curvy fortune cookie, and then it has some sort of leaf on it? It looks like gold leaf but I'm sure it's not, but what the fuck is that? And what kid would want to eat it? SHENANIGANS! Then Ed made sweet potato puree which looks like baby food, because it is, and Kenny made apple bread pudding with cinnamon yogurt. I don't think Kenny will go home because his dish is not horrible. If anyone is going home from this group, it should be Angelo, but he has immunity, so it will be Ed for his baby food. The judges taste the puree and note that it has a ton of pepper in it, and Gail thinks you can't serve that to kids. Tom thinks Kenny's pudding is fine and Tracey's burger is good. Nothing too enthusiastic there. The judges think Angelo's dish is the dessert, due to the cookie, and wonder where the vegetable is. Seriously. I know I've already said this but SHENANIGANS!

On to the team consisting of Lynne, Kelly, Arnold, and Tiffany, aka Team Drama. Lynne made a black bean cake with a sort of confetti of sweet potatoes on top. Black bean cake seems like it would be really dry without sour cream or guacamole or something on it. Kelly, as you may have heard, made the braised pork carnitas tacos with pickled onions and cilantro. Man, did I think this dish was going to fail, because what kid likes onions of any kind, and cilantro is something a lot of adults don't even like. Arnold made what looks like an awesome roasted corn salad with cilantro-lime vinaigrette and chili oil. I would eat that for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the summer. Tiffany made caramelized sweet potatoes and chocolate sherbet, which sounds horrible, but I would definitely like to try it, because maybe it's awesome. Gail likes the amount of color on the plate. They think that the tacos are solid, and the corn salad works to cool the mouth afterwards. Gail wasn't too sure about the sherbet and sweet potato, but it works. Hmm.

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