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Pork or Cat Food?
ow it's supposed to be made -- poached in fat. That explains why it was dry and had no flavor. They don't tell her that Dana called it cat food.

Back in the Stew Room, Ash jokes that he forgot flavor and he bitches about Padma's comments. Not sure why he's picking on her instead of any of the other judges. Could it be because she's female? The judges discuss how Robin's dish was flavorless, a bad pairing, and the sauce was gross and gummy. Ash's dish was amateurishly prepared and Tom worries that he doesn't understand how to develop flavor. Padma asks Charlie why he was so hard on Laurine, and Charlie and Tom both admit that the texture was way off and so was the flavor, probably as a result of poor preparation.

Weird Interstitial. Everyone makes fun of Eli and teases him that he's in love with Robin. I don't know where Robin is while this is happening. Maybe getting told that her dish had no flavor?

The bottom three reassemble to hear who will be eliminated. Tom says that Laurine's food wasn't prepared properly and it clashed with the win. Ash's food lacked confidence and didn't have any flavor. Robin didn't give them enough pork, which was half of the dish. And overall, none of them made good pairings. Padma tells Ash to pack his knives and go. In his exit interview, Ash says he's had a positive experience, and he sure wishes he had gone with his original idea. He plans to cook it in his restaurant and invite all the judges, but not Padma. That Ash-hating-Padma thing kind of came out of left field. WTF?

Watch Ash's exclusive exit interview video.

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