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Pig Out

The next morning, the cheftestants report to the kitchen where they will have five hours to get ready for the party. Dale discovers and then has to tell Stephanie that he left the pork out all night. Stephanie, emotion in her voice, says that they have to throw it out because they don't know how hot it got in the kitchen overnight. Stephanie does an amazing job of not freaking out; I mean, Dale just completely ruined one of her dishes, perhaps her main dish, and now she has five hours to figure something out, and presumably doesn't have time to go back to the market, and who knows if she saved the parts of the pig she wasn't planning on using? But she just calmly tells Dale it's okay as he apologizes. Dale interviews that he'll never forgive himself if he gets Stephanie sent home. They check out the menu and start to figure out a substitute.

Richard gives Spike some instructions, but in a kind way, as Spike prepares some pickled watermelon. Richard interviews that he likes equipment and gadgets, but he also recognizes that it's important to keep it simple sometimes. Richard's menu includes BBQ pork shoulder, pork belly with pickled watermelon, ham & beans, and ribs with Malta glaze.

Antonia's menu consists of pork belly with sweet peppers, pork sausage with pigeon peas and rice, and curried pork with pumpkin and yuca. Antonia complains to Nikki that her rice is not cooking properly. She explains, "The top is like, mush, and the bottom is, like, raw." Antonia tells Nikki to toss it and start over. Nikki tries to diplomatically find a way to discuss this in an interview, and says cautiously that Antonia doesn't seem as focused and strong as usual, so Nikki is doing what she can to take up the slack. For her part, Antonia claims that she's not thinking about her restaurant that just opened, so I guess that means she's totally thinking about that, and that's her problem?

Lisa's menu includes yuca and pork rellena, citrus braised pork belly, and adobo roasted pork tostone. That's about all we get to hear from Lisa.

Stephanie and Dale discuss what in the hell they are going to do. Stephanie knows that if she only puts out two dishes when everyone else is doing three, she'll go home. Dale suggests chicharrones, which are fried pig skin. So Stephanie ends up doing chicharrones (fried pig skin), fruit, and prosciutto salad, coconut pork with plantain pancake, and pork satay on sugar cane. She admits that she's actually kind of excited about her new dish.

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