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Pig Out

The event ends, and it's time for Judges' Table. Wilo was impressed with the quality of the dishes overall. Tom liked Richard's pork belly (that he cooked, not referring to Richard's body, although that would be kind of funny) and Stephanie's chicharrones. He thought Lisa and Antonia were not as strong as the others. In the waiting room, the cheftestants squirm and discuss if they had any fatal flaws. Antonia admits that her peas were undercooked.

Padma calls Richard and Stephanie out first, since they were clearly better, as always. Antonia gets this sort of bemused look on her face, since she knows that if she's being paired with Lisa, she's in the bottom two. In front of the judges, Richard says he thought it was a great challenge. Tom liked that Richard seemed to simplify his dishes. Stephanie says that she liked working with Dale. Wilo loved the flavor of Stephanie's pork dishes. At first, I thought Stephanie would mention the bad pork incident, but I think it was kind of cool that she didn't, and try to make it out like, "Not only did I make great food, but look at the obstacles I had to overcome in doing so!" Wilo announces that it was a unanimous decision, and the crowd agreed, that Richard is the winner. And he wins a car! Richard is stunned and thrilled. Boy, he looks like Jim Breuer sometimes, doesn't he?

Richard and Stephanie have to send Antonia and Lisa out to face the judges next, knowing that they were the bottom two. Richard hugs Antonia, and not Lisa, which will be important in a moment. Padma tells them that they were bottom two and asks Lisa if she's surprised. I kind of expected Lisa to show some self-awareness and say, "I've been bottom two for like, the last twenty-five challenges, so no, I'm not surprised. I was in the bottom two before the show even started. I was in the bottom two last season!" Alas, Lisa has no such self-awareness and just says something about everyone having strong dishes. Tom criticizes Lisa for doing traditional Latin food when she's known for Asian influence. Lisa defends her Latin experience. Gail thought the sweet potato puree was sweet and overpowering, and she thought Lisa's dishes focused more on the garnishes than the pig. Wilo asks about the tostones, which he didn't feel had much balance.

Padma turns the attention to Antonia, who admits that her pigeon peas were undercooked. She says that she likes her peas al dente, which I don't think is even a word applied to vegetables, is it? Antonia says that she didn't realize it until too late. Padma asks why Antonia served all of her dishes on one plate, and Gail says that she couldn't distinguish the dishes. Antonia and Lisa are dismissed, and no one says a word backstage.

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