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Tom repeats the trope about not allowing mistakes at this point, and Lisa made mistakes. Gail repeats her "too sweet" comment (that's all she could find wrong with the dishes?) and Tom says that he didn't like the combination of dishes. Gail also didn't like the tostones, especially being served to a Puerto Rican crowd. Backstage, Lisa says she knows she's going home. Antonia looks like she wants to throw up, and Lisa says that she doesn't think her food was bad, but she's being realistic. On the one hand, good for her, but on the other hand, there's that famous negativity. Like why would you say that other than to hope one of the other people will go, "Oh, no! Not you! How could they send you home?" And of course, no one says that, because they all want Lisa to leave.

The judges discuss Antonia's food. Gail thought they were the least sophisticated dishes, and Tom doesn't buy the whole "one plate" argument. Tom also doesn't get the reasoning for undercooking beans. Backstage, Antonia says that she really, really doesn't want to go. Unlike the others, who are dying to be eliminated.

The judges call Antonia and Lisa back out for the decision. Tom recognizes that these cheftestants have come a long way from the beginning of the competition, but adds that they both fell a bit flat in this challenge. He tells Antonia that her fatal flaws were the undercooked peas and serving everything on the same plate. He tells Lisa that some of her dishes fell short of the mark. The final decision was cemented when they realized that one table had virtually no line waiting for food and then passes it to Padma, who tells Antonia to pack her knives and go. Antonia shakes the judges' hands and leaves. Lisa promises the judges that they won't be disappointed. Oh, I bet they will. In her exit interview, Antonia laments that she came all this way and now has to go, and says that she put her whole heart into this competition. And of course, she mentions her daughter again. Stephanie and Richard hug Antonia, and Antonia tells Stephanie to kick their asses, so we know whose side she's on.

And then the episode continues, so I figured they were going to have a scene where each of the final three announces that he or she is going to win. But no. Instead, there's a kind of awkward silence after Antonia leaves and Lisa bitches, "I know you guys are upset that Antonia's leaving, but a congratulations would have been nice." Wow. Wooooooooooooow. The unmitigated gall on that woman. Stephanie and Richard are exhausted, and trying to process that their friend left instead of Lisa, and she's pissed about their manners? Did she say congratulations to them? Because they just made the finals too. Stephanie immediately congratulates Lisa, but quite angrily, and Richard follows suit. Lisa mumbles that they must think that the wrong person went home. No one contradicts her. Richard awesomely interviews, "What did she expect? I don't understand that. You won the fucking bronze medal. Congratulations. There you go." And we'll let Richard have the last word. Thanks for letting me sub in on one of my favorite shows this week - Chuck will be back next week for the finale!

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