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Time passes and it's 1:16 AM. Chris Moto explains that chili tastes better the longer you cook it, and he'd like to sleep but it's not possible. At 3:16 AM, Team Black (Nyesha, Beverly and Richie) have finished their chili. It's done. That doesn't seem right. Everyone else is still cooking. I'm a little worried that they chose to be done so early. Anyway, they all taste it and think it tastes great. Team White has decided to stay up all night and cook. Ty-Lor claims he's sleeping at his cooking board. At 5:12 AM, Sarah heads off to take a shower and hit the bed for a few hours. Some others follow suit but Chris Moto is going to stay up all night and pick cilantro or some shit. You know he's the kind of guy who will totally be a martyr about it, like if his team loses, he'll say, "Well, I thought we should all stay up all night and babysit the chili, but everyone else went to sleep. I SUFFERED FOR MY ART!"

The next morning, Sarah feels tired after only a few hours of sleep but some people didn't even sleep (Chris Moto). Since they don't even serve until 7:00 PM, it's going to be a loooooong day. They all suit up and head to the rodeo.

They arrive at the rodeo and run to their stations, where they have been provided with cowboy hats. Sarah explains that they have an hour until service, so they have time to heat up their chili slowly and make sure it gets hot without scorching. Edward is on reheat duty for Blue Team and his strategy is to have two pots, one on high and one on low. As the chili gets hot, he transfers it to the low heat pot so it will stay warm. He hopes to avoid scorching the chili this way, and Ty-Lor yells out that he's a genius.

Richie and the Black Team are constantly tasting and adjusting flavors in their chili. Richie explains that he made the cornbread, so he feels like he'll have something concrete to point to as far as contributions to the final product. Ty-Lor is trying to cheer Lindsay up, because he thinks she's way too serious. He explains that he's really looking forward to interacting with people, because it's one of his strengths. Edward adds a ton of something (hot sauce?) to their chili and Paul tastes it and says it's good. Meanwhile, Whitney is concerned that Team Red's chili is too hot. Their brisket looks very, very stringy, especially compared to all of the other teams' chili. So I don't know if she should be just worried about the heat.

The cowboys and other guests arrive at the cook-off. They all pick up and eat chili. The teams do their best to get the cowboys to vote for them. A big selling point is that the chili doesn't have any beans, since that's the Texas way. Over at Team Black, Nyesha is worried that their chili might be a little too complex for the cowboy palate, since it's very different from a typical chili.

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