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And finally, White Team: (Lindsay, Grayson, Ty-Lor) made three bean and beef chili with poblano cornbread and had pickled vegetables on top of the chili. Gail wishes they had served the pickled vegetables on the side. Susan disagrees, because she liked the acid in it, but she admits that's her palate.

So now all of the service is done and the judges discuss their general impressions. Mary Sue was surprised to find that each team's chili tasted completely different, since there's really only so many ways to make chili. Tom is glad that they don't have to choose the winner, because it would be a difficult decision. Gail has had a few too many Shiner Bocks as she slurs that they still have to choose the losing team, which will also be difficult. Padma gets Tom to name his bottom teams. They all agree that the Black Team's chili was too sweet with not enough heat. Meanwhile, the Black Team thinks they did awesome, because so many people came back for seconds. Tom also didn't love the Red Team's shredded meat, even though the flavor was good. Susan points out that the White Team was lacking flavor overall, and then we cut to the White Team talking about how great their chili was. Oh, so sad. I think I like it better when the teams know that they screwed up and are expecting to face the judges.

The cheftestants head to the bleachers to watch the rodeo, something most of them have never seen before. And of course Beverly starts crying, because that's what she does. Now that I know she's breastfeeding, I'll cut her a little bit more slack because her hormones are probably insane. Nyesha is dubious about Beverly's mental toughness and ability to compete, given her emotion.

Padma rides out into the ring on horseback to announce the winner, and then one of the contestants has to perform the contractually obligated ode to Padma's beauty. Seriously, every week someone talks about how hot she is. She's beautiful but does it need to go in every episode? Padma announces that the winner is the Green Team, which is Sarah, Chuy and Chris Hollywood. And then she announces that the loser is the Black Team (Nyesha, Richie and Beverly), and someone from their team is going home. She had to do it in front of the whole crowd? That seems mean. Nyesha interviews, "My heart sinks into a puddle of despair." Is she a spoken word artist? Who talks like that?

So just when you're wondering how the judges are going to decide which person to send home, since they made chili and can't really point to one element that was lacking, Padma delivers the answer. The three members of the Black Team will have to cook an entirely new dish, and repurpose their chili in that dish. And that's the dish that may or may not keep them on the show. They have thirty minutes. And they're exhausted from being up so late, and from working all night at the rodeo. But remember that they were done first out of all the groups (and I wonder if that's why their chili was lacking a bit?), so they probably did get SOME sleep.

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