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Another viewer wants to know if the other cheftestants thought it was fair that people got another chance after they were eliminated. Keith thinks it was fair and so does Beverly, but Edward laughs that since he was the first person eliminated after Last Chance Kitchen ended. Of course no one is going to say it wasn't fair, especially since Beverly didn't win. At best, it was a nice second chance and, at worst, it was useless. I still think they would have been better off having the person come back halfway through. Let one of the first eliminated people come back.

Andy moves on to talk about Ty-Lor's naked photos. I'm not going to link to them, Google that shit if you need to know. Ty-Lor says they're artistic and not sexual and Padma can't stop laughing. Ty says that they were well before the show and part of his coming out process. Andy wants to know if Ty is a bear. Ugh, this went to a weird place. I mean, there's nothing wrong with bears, but what does this have to do with the show? Ty says he's gay and hairy, so okay? And then Andy asks Ty if Chris Hollywood is in love with himself, and Ty says that he's good looking. Let's look back at Chris Hollywood's journey. He was fat. Now he's not. He likes to primp in the mirror. He's single. The end.

Hey do you remember all those times when people got hurt? Well, here's a montage. There is a LOT of blood. And Sarah went to the hospital for heat stroke. A viewer wants to know why Ed was such a dick when Sarah got overheated. Ed laughs that he was a dick and there's nothing he can say -- he overreacted. THAT'S how you do a reunion, Ed.

Montage of Chris Moto being a freaking weirdo. Padma mentions that he made it into The New York Times for his hair, and it turns out he's growing his hair out for Locks of Love, so I guess I have to stop making fun of him. He still didn't need to wear a bandanna AND a topknot AND sunglasses in his hair though. That was uncalled for. A viewer asks if it's hard to watch themselves, and Lindsay says that she drinks while watching and everything after the Quickfire is a blur.

Well, you knew this part was coming, and Andy says that ninety percent of the questions from viewers had to do with Beverly and the way she was treated. Wow, that's a lot. I guess because it was never resolved on the show. Montage of Beverly's time on the show, both how she was a weirdo, and how mean Lindsay, and Sarah and especially Heather were to her. After the montage, Beverly says that she was thinking there were times that she could have been heard more, but she appreciated that some people had her back. Could that sentence be more passively phrased? Just say that she wishes Heather and/or Sarah and/or Lindsay had listened to her. Part of what makes her so frustrating is that she won't call out people by name. Why not? What will it hurt? They might yell at you?

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