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Tom asks if her family was supportive of her becoming a chef and Bev once again doesn't really answer but you get the vibe that they weren't crazy about her being a chef but since she's female and not male, they didn't really care what she did. She adds that they are proud now.

A viewer asks why the women were so awful to Beverly during Restaurant Wars. Lindsay says that they had gone forty hours without sleep at that point, having come off the BBQ challenge and things kind of went off the rails. I get what she's saying, but she could take some personal responsibility. How hard is it to say, "I was exhausted and frustrated, but I still shouldn't have yelled at Beverly. I am sorry that I did." Why do people not know how to apologize anymore? It's not hard. It's not a sign of weakness.

Andy asks if anyone has apologized to Beverly and Sarah says that she did in Whistler, and Lindsay says that she cleared the air with Beverly too. Beverly says that she appreciated the apology because she didn't feel she was treated fairly at times. She adds that questions about her work ethic crossed the line, especially since this is her livelihood and they were said on national television. Andy asks who said that and Beverly STILL CAN'T SAY IT! Ugh, she's driving me nutty. She just swallows and mutters, "Well, it was said." Also, Heather speak the fuck up and own it. Tom finally has to interrupt and say that Heather questioned Bev's work ethic at Judges' Table and they've never seen someone go after a teammate like that. We get to see the footage again, and Heather says that she didn't intend to throw Beverly under the bus, but she thought Beverly asked too many questions and didn't put forth enough effort. Beverly defends herself (finally) by saying that she wasn't slow in the kitchen. Andy asks Heather if she thinks she owes Beverly an apology for "the work ethic comment" and we go to commercial. The answer is yes she does, by the way. Even if she thinks Beverly is a huge slacker, if Heather is at all concerned about her own image, she should apologize. And a REAL apology, not one of these bullshit, "I'm sorry if you were upset" jobs.

When we return, Heather says that she doesn't owe Beverly an apology because it's how she felt at the time and she was just being honest. That is the worst justification for being a terrible person I've heard. So if she was lying at the time, she would apologize? We are human beings and we make mistakes and we work off incomplete information all of the time. But after the fact, often we reflect or find out more and decide that we made a mistake in the heat of the moment. And the right thing to do is to APOLOGIZE. All Heather has to do is say, "I'm sorry for questioning Beverly's work ethic. It went too far." THE END. Don't mitigate, don't make excuses. And we would all like Heather A LOT BETTER. She is a garbage person. Grayson sticks up for Beverly as usual and says that she thinks Heather crossed a line. Heather claims it's just her opinion. Well Heather, it's my opinion that you are a self-centered ignorant bully. Oh, was that too personal? Well, it's just my opinion. Oh, I don't know you at all and only know some small portion of you as presented by an edited reality show? Well, that's honestly how I felt after watching you, so it must be right, and I don't need to apologize. See how that works? Shut it. I'm not wasting one more minute on this asshole. Grayson says that she would stand up for anyone who was being bullied. Beverly says it was hurtful but she's over it and she's earned people's respect. Gail compliments Beverly for the grace with which she handled the situation.

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