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Other people were mean too! Let's watch a montage. I'm a little uncomfortable with this whole montage because it seems like the point is, "Can you believe these ladies were yelling at people? And cursing?" The guys talked to one another like that all the time and no one gave a shit. Andy points out that Heather, Sarah and Lindsay have taken heat online for their ruthless attitudes, and he wonders if it's how they are in real life. Sarah points out that she has very low turnover on her staff, so the implication is that she can't be an awful person to work with or for, I guess. She adds that sometimes in the kitchen, you have to be direct to get it done. I have zero problem with most of the interactions we saw in the kitchen in the heat of the moment. I know in high-pressure situations, I have been called bossy or even bitchy because I tend to be direct and even snap at people, but the shit gets done. It's the stuff afterwards, the stuff at Judges' Table and in the Stew Room, that bothers me.

Andy asks Heather how she feels and Heather tells him to talk to Ty, since they worked together. Ty says that Heather taught him professionalism and made him an amazing chef and Padma lightens the mood by saying that Heather bullied him into taking naked pictures. Andy asks Heather if she thinks she came off as a bully and Heather finally does the right thing and says that she said everything they showed, so she has to own it. Thank you. Now apologize. Heather adds that she got negative mail and e-mail and phone calls and even a death threat. Oh, girl. That's amateur hour. Crazy people be crazy. I mean, death threats should be taken seriously, but anyone in the public eye doing anything gets lots of negative feedback. Just ignore it and do you.

Andy asks Lindsay how she feels about going after Keith over the cooked shrimp incident. Lindsay says that she didn't even know him and suddenly they had to work together. Andy asks Keith if he took the fall for the shrimp and Keith says that he was actually eliminated for the dish that he cooked himself, and the shrimp was "the fart in the air" that he kept trying to move away from but it kept funking everything up. Everyone has a good laugh because farts are funny.

Montage of people being goofy and having fun, especially on their many road trips since they had to go to a new city every three days. Everyone makes fun of Chuy for his stories about his dad and how he invented everything. Ed flirts with Nyesha. Isn't he married? Sarah admits to her crush on John Besh.

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