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Then there's a commercial for Top Chef Masters and Xbox. The upshot of the whole thing is, if they could send one chef to Masters, who would it be? Jen would send herself. Dale would send Blais, since he won. Spike tells Tiffani he'd send her, but tells Andy he'd send Marcel. Aw, Spike. You could've taken a shower before the reunion.

Clip package of all of the romances this season: Blais and Fabio and Angelo and Mike. Why do I find the first one cute and the second one gross? Must be Mike's fault.

Remember how Antonia had the recommendation as the Black Hammer? Well it continued this season. I feel like these last two segments (this one and the Bromance one) are just rehashed from during the season. Didn't we already see the bromance thing and the black hammer thing? Mike says that there's no curse. Antonia says it's a coincidence, not a curse. Tiffany points out that everyone that roomed with Antonia got eliminated first, and they all laugh and giggle.

A viewer wants to know if Dale used his prize money to buy his girlfriend a better ring, as he promised. Dale says awkwardly that he's still waiting on his check. Oops. He says he's got everything all picked out, and Andy promises he'll get his money.

Andy claims that 97% of their female viewers wrote in and wanted to know if Fabio has a girlfriend. Did you know that 78% of Andy's statistics are made up and nonsensical? Fabio says that he does have a girlfriend but he wants to keep his private life private. Then there's a clip package about Fabio's various brags and boasts throughout the season, and how he's a smooth talker. After, Fabio demonstrates that he's learned how to say burger.

A viewer asks a weird question about how important it is for kids to eat healthy and wants to know what Antonia thinks. Except Andy totally calls her Antonio and no one notices. Antonia says that she thinks kids should eat what adults eat, and wants to get rid of kids' menus. Look, I think if you're a chain family restaurant, there's no problem with a kids' menu if that's what people want. I like them because the portions are usually smaller, with a price to match. It's not so much about the WHAT as the HOW MUCH. I don't want to spend $15 for one of my kids to throw half of it on the floor. ANTONIA.

Then there's a clip package about the Sesame Street muppets and how snarky they were to Padma, which is awesome. Blais says that his daughter was grinning when she saw the part where Elmo said he loved her. Then Andy talks about how the cheftestants hated cooking for kids. Except he says "agreedient" instead of "ingredient." Is he drunk? Anyway, they all hated cooking for kids but I think it had more to do with the fact that there were a million kids instead of one or two. Padma tried to get the kids to quiet down and they didn't listen to her at all. Hilarious.

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