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Tom adds that he buys from small farmers and has for many, many years. Elia says she's admired Tom for years, and so she couldn't believe the animals she saw brought into the kitchen. So Tom asks her if she actually went back into the kitchen, and she says no. What? I think part of this might be a language barrier because English isn't her first language. Tom wants to know exactly who she spoke to and got the info and my favorite part is that Spike looks EXACTLY like I used to look when I worked full time and had to sit through LOOOONG bullshit meetings that were pointless. He's like cracking his neck and closing his eyes and just wishing they would all SHUT UP ALREADY! I might be projecting. The other cheftestants start yelling that everyone needs to drop it.

Andy takes back over and Tom says that they've always served both grass-fed and corn-fed beef, and that has never changed. Elia just thinks that Tom could be a pioneer in serving only grass-fed beef, and Tom has to kind of be a dick and talk about how he's been a chef for a long time and has done more than Elia ever will, none of which is relevant. What is relevant is when Tom says that you can't have a steakhouse without serving corn-fed beef because no one will come. I presume that's because it's so much cheaper. And it would be crazy expensive to serve only grass-fed beef? Tom concludes that he thinks Elia is embarrassed to be the first one out, but she's only picking on him when it was a unanimous decision (i.e. you dish didn't suck a little; everyone thought it sucked a lot.) That's pretty harsh. Dale L. tries to help but no one knows what he talks about. Tom says that he's been to some of their restaurants but he's never commented about their food publicly, and that was on purpose. He thinks they should all learn to be careful about what they say in the press. Andy asks Elia if she regrets what she said, and she thinks and then says she doesn't, and she stands by it. Oof. I mean, she did have a point, but it wasn't expressed very well either in the interview or here. And it's not really relevant to the show; it's more about the world of cooking as a whole. But she's entitled to her opinion.

Clip package of the judges from this season, and some of their mean comments. Andy asks if they were tougher on the cheftestants this season. Padma says no. Well, that was interesting.

A viewer wants to know why Carla doesn't say Hootie Hoo anymore and she explains that she only says it with her husband, when she can't find him in a crowd, and that didn't happen. Andy says she was fan favorite for a reason and we see a clip package of all of Carla's awesomeness. She's just so happy. And then Spike hands out Top Chef fleeces from a box and the show kind of just...ends. See you next season!

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