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Scenes From A Top Chef Reunion

Back in the studio, Gail says that a viewer wants to know why Tiffani lied to Miguel. Tiffani shrugs, "I don't know -- I don't think I lied or denied it in any way." Dude, we JUST SAW THE CLIP! Tiffani goes on that a lot of people have come up to her and told her she was misrepresented. Well, of course, because people on the street who don't even know you are excellent judges of your character. Dave demands, "Did you say it or did you not? That's the question, you lied! Period. Let's end it. Admit your shit. Just admit your guilt." I think that's the second time Dave has said, "Admit your shit." I don't think you're going to get that on a t-shirt, Dave. Tiffani won't respond. Miguel is asked how he feels about it all, and Miguel says that the clip pretty much said it all. Tiffani keeps insisting that she told him the truth when they got downstairs. Dave is muttering something, and Tiffani calls him out for wanting everyone else to shut up when he's talking, yet there he is muttering. "Fuck you!" Dave says. "I'm tired of being nice to people I don't like." Someone cackles, I think it's Cynthia. Bot says that Tiffani wins for most confrontations between other cheftestants, but she was not involved in the longest fight on the show. Candice smiles tightly. We watch the clip of the Tool and Douchebag fight. Time elapses to ten minutes, and we get new footage of Candice imitating Stephen's way of talking. The fight lasted thirty-seven minutes. I know some people think that Candice was rude for imitating Stephen's voice, but I think he still comes out looking like more of a dick in that fight than she does.

Back in the studio, Colicchio asks Stephen how he feels now. Stephen immediately owns up to the cookie-cutters being appropriate for the kids and freely admits he was stuck in his whole "educate the public" mindset. Candice also adds that it was a different situation and she took it personally, and she knows it is just the beginning of what she would have to face in a real kitchen. "Candice, you don't need to grow from that at all," Stephen says, looking at her, "you were completely right! It was fine! When I watched you with the tears in your eyes? That's not cool. I do not mean to make anyone feel like that -- cookie-cutters with kids? Of course! That is completely legit." Meanwhile, Ken is cackling again. Ken? Leave a tender moment alone. Stephen stands up to yell, "Dude, stop laughing!" Ken asks if Stephen has a problem with him. Stephen does have a problem with him. Ken gets off his chair and they start to get into it. Ken comes around toward Stephen, and the judges get off their chairs, annoyed. Colicchio and Miguel block off Ken, and Harold calms Stephen down. Lee Anne just sits there, shaking her head. She is so gorgeous. Stephen tells Ken that he's a joke and orders him not to laugh. Isn't that sort of contradictory to what might be the life's ambition of a joke? I'm kidding -- Stephen's in the right here, and Ken's a jackass. I mean, it stands to reason that Ken feels the need to draw attention to himself in this reunion special because he was ousted in the first ep and none of these clips have anything to do with him.

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