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Season 1 Reunion

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Scenes From A Top Chef Reunion

Lisa hopes Dave will win because he's humble. Do I see Dave as a leader? No, I think I would be freaked if my chef acted the way he does under pressure. I know he says he's never cried at work, but he still might be a ball of freakish, nervous energy and that is exhausting to work with. At Bot's suggestion, Stephen agrees that Dave is the underdog: "Harold and Tiffani appeal to fine dining, but fine dining only represents only thirteen percent, so you take the other seventy-seven percent and that's what Dave is appealing to." I'm thinking he recently dug up that number after he was kicked off the show. Andrea doesn't think Dave acts well under pressure. Candice is torn, because she thinks Harold and Dave's cooking is very different and she's looking forward to seeing how it all plays out. Bot thanks them all for being there and for what they all did for the show.

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